Eulla and Eulleah

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Laughing Hahaha!!!!

WOW...Eulla made me laugh and of course excited when I was trying to make her smile and out of no where, she laughed so loud and giggled with sounds. She started this during the weekend(very short and I wasn't so sure) but today, I am definitely sure that she laughed! I ran as fast as I can to get the camcorder that I was able to record a few minutes of it...lucky me!

I am still sick today with the worst cold =( Hate it! But after playing with Eulla right after her bath, she made me feel better.

Take a look at her here...Laughing so hard that her eyes are no longer her Dada

Then...after so much laughter, she almost fell asleep sitting up. I guess she got tired after all the excitement.

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Monday, January 30, 2006


Oxnard, this is a place Eumir and I love to go to, to eat SPIDER CRABS! When I was pregnant with Eulla, we would always go here. Even when I was already due, yup, DUE! I think I was 3 days overdue and we still went here to eat and walk around so that somehow, I might feel some contractions but I still ended up being induced! I was almost 2 weeks overdue!

So as soon as we were able to come back for some SPIDER CRABS, we did! Eulla was about 9 weeks old. It was a nice day to stroll around after eating. Perfect weather!

This place is called Fisherman's Wharf at Channel Island, Oxnard. Its about 5-10 minutes drive from Camarillo Outlet. So you know what takes place before going here HAHAHA.
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Friday, January 27, 2006

Visitors during the Holidays

Guess what!?! During the holidays...her ninong JUN and ninang TRINA visited us here at California. Ninang Trina came from London and Ninong Jun came from the Philippines. (We are still planning her baptism hehehe but the ninongs and ninangs are already planned)

They took care of her when mama is busy. They also played with her to make sure Eulla forgets that its eating time already (Her doctor said that I should limit her feedings to every 3-4hours after her 2nd month well baby appointment) but of course when 2 1/2 hours pass that's when Eulla makes sure that we know she' hungry, if you know what I mean. They must have sung so many songs that they end up running out of songs...and...sometimes we make it to the 3rd hour :) and sometimes we dont :(
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My day with Mama

The day started out great. Eulla slept for 3 hours straight (from 4:30am-7:30am)...yehey...that's a first. I think she realized that Mama had a cold and needed rest :) Ate right away when she woke up. Dada kissed her after changing her diaper and off he goes to work.

She slept for another hour then its bath time! Eulla loves bath time...she never cries when she takes a bath...only that first time here at home then it was smooth sailing after that. Mommy Perla and Daddy Pogi are both here with us at home (Grandparents that dont want to be called Lola and Lolo). Of course she said her good morning greetings with her big smile (gums showing by the way) and she got them at HELLOW!

She is wearing her new outfit from Tita Nina. It's a 6-9month outfit. She's getting big quickly!!! Probably 15lbs already at 12 weeks. She outgrew most of her 3-6 months clothes. Now, she's ready to show off her pink outfit! Picture time! While she's in the mood.
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