Eulla and Eulleah

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Laughing Hahaha!!!!

WOW...Eulla made me laugh and of course excited when I was trying to make her smile and out of no where, she laughed so loud and giggled with sounds. She started this during the weekend(very short and I wasn't so sure) but today, I am definitely sure that she laughed! I ran as fast as I can to get the camcorder that I was able to record a few minutes of it...lucky me!

I am still sick today with the worst cold =( Hate it! But after playing with Eulla right after her bath, she made me feel better.

Take a look at her here...Laughing so hard that her eyes are no longer her Dada

Then...after so much laughter, she almost fell asleep sitting up. I guess she got tired after all the excitement.

posted by Eubelle at 2:55 PM


awwww....she's sooo cute when she's laughing!!! Ü

7:22 PM  

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