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Friday, January 27, 2006

Visitors during the Holidays

Guess what!?! During the holidays...her ninong JUN and ninang TRINA visited us here at California. Ninang Trina came from London and Ninong Jun came from the Philippines. (We are still planning her baptism hehehe but the ninongs and ninangs are already planned)

They took care of her when mama is busy. They also played with her to make sure Eulla forgets that its eating time already (Her doctor said that I should limit her feedings to every 3-4hours after her 2nd month well baby appointment) but of course when 2 1/2 hours pass that's when Eulla makes sure that we know she' hungry, if you know what I mean. They must have sung so many songs that they end up running out of songs...and...sometimes we make it to the 3rd hour :) and sometimes we dont :(
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tell eulla's ninong jun, that he looks goofy in that picture. hahahaha =0P

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