Eulla and Eulleah

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A change

"This is how I suck my thumb to take a nap."

Today, I decided to change the blog's theme. Something went wrong with the old one. I needed help from a friend of mine and it all worked out...I like this one better (Thanks Charmaine!). Just need to fix the font of the lilypie ticker.

Lately, Eulla had been cooing a lot. I enjoy talking to her. She responds to the stuff I ask her and try to teach her. She has also been trying to hold her rattle but she has no control over it yet so sometimes she ends up hitting her face but she still enjoys hearing the sound. Bernard even enjoyed giving her the rattle because she would be able to grab it from his hands. She is also growing so fast. The outfit she is wearing is for a yr old baby from GAP.

Take a look at those CHEEKS!
I took a lot of pictures of Eulla yesterday. I dressed her in layers and even put her Winnie the poo hat given by my tita Helen. She looked so cute!
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Monday, February 27, 2006


Today is Dad and Mom's 32nd wedding anniversary. It is raining hard outside. We decided that we will just eat out at Mom's favorite restaurant.
We brought Eulla outside while its raining for the first time. It is so cold outside. It's 55 degrees right now. I hope she doesn't get sick.
Here is what we had...lobster, fried crabs, soulfish and more!!!

During the Weekend....

We went to visit Eumir's 2nd cousin at North Hills and we just found out that his cousin's wife gave birth a day before I did (November 8). The baby's nickname is Nemo. It was nice to see them play together.

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Friday, February 24, 2006


It has been a busy week for me. I didn't know that washing and sterilizing Eulla's bottles can be so tiring! Everyday...wash and sterilize hay....

Anyways, this week I have attempted multi-tasking. I am back to reviewing my Autocad because Eumir and I are going to take on a new adventure...a new business. It's about time for me to try and go back to work. But...this is better...working at HOME! So, I have to try and fit in working on the computer while Eulla is sleeping or watching TV or her DVD's. Eumir will be accepting designing and making plans for hydraulics and hydrology from another company. There's so much offer that we couldn't resist accepting! And while he is at work, I will try and help him with his extra work. I hope this WORKS OUT!!! I still want to have time to play with Eulla.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Eulla and Bernard

Bernard is always excited to see Eulla. Yesterday, Bernard came over and I let him hold Eulla sitting down and he was so happy.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Pictures of Eulla

Take a look at me!!!
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Sunday, February 19, 2006

up u go!

It was after dinner when we saw Eulla try to get up with a little help from her dada. There was a BIG excitement at the house after that :)
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Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Earrings

It's the 4th week that Eulla has had her ear pierced. I was looking through my jewelry and I found my earrings when I was 10 years old. I asked mom to help me change Eulla's earring to the gold hoop earrings. It's not the 6th week yet but I made sure that its already okay. The earrings from claire's has a really pointy end and it always scratches me when I carry her. So, I really cant wait till the 6th week.

She cried a little when we took off the other earrings but she looks so cute with the hoop earrings. I'm so excited to have her try my other earrings.

Here's a new family picture of us

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Friday, February 17, 2006

On her tummy

Today, Eulla and I are home alone. It's been awhile since its just me and Eulla. Someone is always home with us but for some reason everyone is busy today including Dad (Grandpa).

I put Eulla on her tummy longer than usual today. She hates being on her tummy. I guess its cause her tummy is big hahaha! But today, she kind of enjoyed it. She stayed on her tummy for at least 10 minutes. I'm trying to see how long she can hold her head up. I also wanted her to exercise her arms and neck. Between 5-10 minutes, she started crying but she can definitely can hold her head up for a minute.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Magenta Razr

Eumir bought me a magenta razr and he got the black one. It's so cute. I've been wanting to get this for a while now. I'm so HAPPY :)

All of a sudden its so cold! I had to dress Eulla in layers. I cant wait till next week. It will be back to 70-75 degrees.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines!!!

Happy Valentines!!!
This is Eumir and my first Valentines at home. Eumir just brought home food from our favorite restaurant :) It was a sweet night. Eulla was smiling the whole night. She loved looking at the red tulips. (For some reason red attracts Eulla's eyes all the time)
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Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm so proud of my baby Eulla

Eulla is finally used to the bottle. Weaned! That sounded like an easy transition but it took a lot of crying and heartaches. It hurts to see your baby cry so hard when you know that what she needs is within your reach. But, we did it! Now my only problem is being engorge but hopefully it'll be ok soon. Take a look at my chubby girl sleeping. Isn't she adorable! Hey, what else would a proud Mom or Dad would say =)
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Better Day

Today is Eulla's 2nd day on the bottle. So far, its going well. Last night was kind of difficult. I guess its because she can still remember feeding from me. She didn't sleep like the usual. But after drinking her milk at 4am, 4:30am she finally slept till 8:30am. The best part of it is that she didn't cry for milk till 10am after her bath. I think she's getting used to it. Another good part of it is that she finally learned how to suck on the pacifier. This will help me extend the hours before she feeds again. Hopefully Eulla's doctor won't tell me to lessen Eulla's feedings to 3-4hours AGAIN hehehe (she told me that on her 2nd month & 3rd month check up). This time on Eulla's 4th month check up, I will be proud that we finally did it!
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tough Day

Eumir & I decided to start weaning Eulla AGAIN. 10am was the last time I nursed her. This will be the first time she will take milk in the bottle. We decided to buy different kinds of bottle so that we can have her choose. Eulla started crying for milk around 12:30pm. We offered her the Similac with Iron on the Playtex bottle (This bottle is for our convenience-you just throw the plastic away LOL). She didn't want it. She cried so loud that we decided to carry her till she stopped crying. After 30 minutes, she fell asleep and so did I leaving Eumir to watch us both. Then, around 2:00pm she cried we tried feeding her again. This time in a different bottle. SHE STILL DIDN'T WANT IT. By this time Eumir and I are worried. I was ready to nurse her again and give it up for next month but I saw Eumir's determination and so we sang to her, played with her and even danced her through the whole family room and kitchen just to make her venue different. Finally, at exactly 3:00, we put her down on her bouncer crying poor baby. And then...all of a sudden, I saw her go to her side and I asked Eumir to try feeding her in the bouncer and then... she started drinking her milk. OH THANK GOD! So next, we'll see 3 hours from now if she'll take her formula again. What a tough day!
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Friday, February 10, 2006

3 Months!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Eulla's 3rd month. We went out and strolled around at the mall. Then visited a few of our friends to show off our baby girl.


Also, yesterday was one of the biggest sale at Bloomingdales and if you spend a certain amount, you get their collectible "big brown cup". I'm so happy that we got it! Thanks to my LOVE...Eumir.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dada Home All Week =)

Starting Friday, Feb 3, Eumir took the whole week off to spend time with me and Eulla. The last time Eumir spent the whole week off with us was when Eulla was born. It's so nice to wake up every morning with breakfast in bed or the breakfast has been prepared downstairs hehehe and even have him play with Eulla early in the morning (6am) before she takes her bath. I don't need to get up so early in the morning. It's his turn. Hahaha! Hmmmm....THIS IS THE LIFE =)

I haven't been updating this blog lately because it's been busy but fun. We've been going out and by the time were home, we're all so tired. Eumir and I are supposed to wean Eulla this week while he's home the whole week but, Feb 6 and 7, Eulla went through a weird phase. She was so fussy and would not eat that we ened up calling her peds for an appointment. But the day before her appointment, she went back to her old routine and even better. She now eats every 3-4 hours sometimes even more (at night) and as far as sleeping habit is concerned, she sleeps 3 hours at night then wakes up to eat then falls right back to sleep and wakes up at 6am. Sometimes when we're all so tired, she wakes up between 8-9am. It got easier, so we decided that we'll wean her when she's eating solids. That will be on March.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday and Tax Season

Sunday started out early for us. Eumir and I needed to wake up at 6am to get ready to go to our accountant at Del Amo near Torrance. It's about an hour drive form our place. We've been going to him to get our taxes done for three years now and he is REALLY GOOD! He does the whole family's taxes. Our appointment was at 8am.

I had to get Eulla ready after I got ready. Eulla has always been good when it comes to appointment. She didnt give me any trouble even if I had to wake her up to give her a bath. She's a GOOD girl. Even at the car, the whole way through, she was just smiling ang gigling at Mommy Perla and Daddy Pogi who both sat next to her. This is early in the morning =)

We were at the Leo's (accountant) office/house at 7:50am. Right after getting everything set up, it was TAX TIME...hehehe. I love tax season especially when we get a BIG refund =) thanks to Eulla. After filling, Eumir and I stood up from our seats with SMILING faces but as we left the first booth, there must have been 8 sets of family after us including our family friends. That was only 15 minutes after. Whew...Leo makes a lot of money.

We waited for our group to finish before deciding where to go but we had to be home for Eumir's Super Bowl Sunday. HE LOVES FOOTBALL! After all the wating, we decided that we'll just eat Lunch at home.

Right now, Eumir is screaming his lungs off becasue the Steeler's are winning...PIT 21 - SEA 10 with 7 minutes remaining. Anything can happen so he is so tense. Eumir burst out with a scream while Eulla was in her bed...she wasn't even bothered. Early in the first half Eulla was watching with her Dada with her "touchdown" position but she got tired and took a nap.

What a DAY!!!
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Friday, February 03, 2006


Today, I had my OB-GYNE appointment. I left Eulla with her Dada. Eulla was sleeping when I left. My appointment was at 9am and so I left at 8:40am. I knew that somehow, I'll be back before Eulla's next feeding but to make sure, I left her with breastmilk. I wanted to run some errands after my appointment but right after my check up, I called home and Eulla was crying. She is so used to drinking milk thru me that she really doesn't like the bottle. Eumir tried feeding her but she didn't want it. So, he tried to make her morning relaxing by carrying her and playing with her till she forgets that she was hungry (Poor Dada...hehehe). When I got home, I was at the door and I guess she felt that I was home already so she started crying as loud as she can. Of course, I ran upstairs. Then Eumir and I started laughing because she really waited for me.

We will try to start weaning Eulla this week. It said on the book I read (What to expect the first year) that it's easier to start on the 3rd month because babies forget easily at that stage. I am so scared that she might not eat at all but hopefully, it'll all work out. Wish us LUCK!!!
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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Eulla & Bernard at Santa Clarita

Yesterday was a busy day for Me, Dada(Eumir) and Eulla. As usuall, Dada went to work. When we called him early morning at work to let him know what our plans were, he specified that he will have a busy day - lots of appointment and decisions to make =) but for us to enjoy our day. Hmmm, how else can Eulla and I enjoy our day but go to the mall hehehe!

We decided to go to Valencia Mall with Mommy Perla and Daddy Pogi. We ate our lunch there and went to Eulla's favorite store...Baby GAP. We bought a couple of more "pink" outfits. Eulla outgrew more of her 3-6 months clothes so this time I decided to start buying 6-12months clothing...still kind of long for her but I don't want her to just end up wearing them twice or thrice. So hopefully this time some of the clothes will last her.

After the mall, we decided to go to Ate's house at Santa Clarita. Santa Clarita is just 10 mins away from Valencia Mall. Bernard, Eulla's cousin was very excited to see her. Eulla by the way is Bernard's favorite person. He said that if his Mama has a baby, he will also name her Eulla (Funny and sweet huh!) He loves her so much that he already made me promise that once he turned 5 years old, he can carry Eulla on his lap (Bernard is 4 years old turning 5 on April 14). When Ate is carrying Eulla, Bernard tries to kiss her on her cheeks as much as he can (this is when im supposedly not looking). I try to ask Bernard to kiss her on her head, hands or legs but no luck =). Here are some pictures that we took while we were there at Santa Clarita.

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