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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday and Tax Season

Sunday started out early for us. Eumir and I needed to wake up at 6am to get ready to go to our accountant at Del Amo near Torrance. It's about an hour drive form our place. We've been going to him to get our taxes done for three years now and he is REALLY GOOD! He does the whole family's taxes. Our appointment was at 8am.

I had to get Eulla ready after I got ready. Eulla has always been good when it comes to appointment. She didnt give me any trouble even if I had to wake her up to give her a bath. She's a GOOD girl. Even at the car, the whole way through, she was just smiling ang gigling at Mommy Perla and Daddy Pogi who both sat next to her. This is early in the morning =)

We were at the Leo's (accountant) office/house at 7:50am. Right after getting everything set up, it was TAX TIME...hehehe. I love tax season especially when we get a BIG refund =) thanks to Eulla. After filling, Eumir and I stood up from our seats with SMILING faces but as we left the first booth, there must have been 8 sets of family after us including our family friends. That was only 15 minutes after. Whew...Leo makes a lot of money.

We waited for our group to finish before deciding where to go but we had to be home for Eumir's Super Bowl Sunday. HE LOVES FOOTBALL! After all the wating, we decided that we'll just eat Lunch at home.

Right now, Eumir is screaming his lungs off becasue the Steeler's are winning...PIT 21 - SEA 10 with 7 minutes remaining. Anything can happen so he is so tense. Eumir burst out with a scream while Eulla was in her bed...she wasn't even bothered. Early in the first half Eulla was watching with her Dada with her "touchdown" position but she got tired and took a nap.

What a DAY!!!
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