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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tough Day

Eumir & I decided to start weaning Eulla AGAIN. 10am was the last time I nursed her. This will be the first time she will take milk in the bottle. We decided to buy different kinds of bottle so that we can have her choose. Eulla started crying for milk around 12:30pm. We offered her the Similac with Iron on the Playtex bottle (This bottle is for our convenience-you just throw the plastic away LOL). She didn't want it. She cried so loud that we decided to carry her till she stopped crying. After 30 minutes, she fell asleep and so did I leaving Eumir to watch us both. Then, around 2:00pm she cried we tried feeding her again. This time in a different bottle. SHE STILL DIDN'T WANT IT. By this time Eumir and I are worried. I was ready to nurse her again and give it up for next month but I saw Eumir's determination and so we sang to her, played with her and even danced her through the whole family room and kitchen just to make her venue different. Finally, at exactly 3:00, we put her down on her bouncer crying poor baby. And then...all of a sudden, I saw her go to her side and I asked Eumir to try feeding her in the bouncer and then... she started drinking her milk. OH THANK GOD! So next, we'll see 3 hours from now if she'll take her formula again. What a tough day!
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awwww...lucky! Ü hope everything goes well. maddie drinks from a bottle after crying 15-20 minutes. i've been trying to get her to drink from a bottle as well for the past couple of days. but i'm not as strong as you guys. i end up giving in. i want her to drink breastmilk for at least 6 months. so one more month to go, but i really want her to start drinking it from a bottle. *sigh* hope i can get her on a bottle soon. tell me how it goes with eulla! Ü

7:54 PM  

thanks, it's getting better but a lot of work (washing and sterilizing the bottles...i got the one u can just use it with the makes it easier).

3:55 PM  

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