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Friday, February 03, 2006


Today, I had my OB-GYNE appointment. I left Eulla with her Dada. Eulla was sleeping when I left. My appointment was at 9am and so I left at 8:40am. I knew that somehow, I'll be back before Eulla's next feeding but to make sure, I left her with breastmilk. I wanted to run some errands after my appointment but right after my check up, I called home and Eulla was crying. She is so used to drinking milk thru me that she really doesn't like the bottle. Eumir tried feeding her but she didn't want it. So, he tried to make her morning relaxing by carrying her and playing with her till she forgets that she was hungry (Poor Dada...hehehe). When I got home, I was at the door and I guess she felt that I was home already so she started crying as loud as she can. Of course, I ran upstairs. Then Eumir and I started laughing because she really waited for me.

We will try to start weaning Eulla this week. It said on the book I read (What to expect the first year) that it's easier to start on the 3rd month because babies forget easily at that stage. I am so scared that she might not eat at all but hopefully, it'll all work out. Wish us LUCK!!!
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good luck! Ü santi had the same experience eumir had. Ü i wanted to get my nails done at california nails in bf (it was only 5 minutes away). so, after i fed her, i left right away. i didn't bother to leave a bottle of breastmilk cause i knew i would only be gone for 1 hour...1 1/2 max. but santi said that as soon as i left, she woke up. poor baby was crying for 20-30 minutes. she was soooo tired i bet from crying, that when santi's mom got home, maddie fell asleep in her arms. poor daddy was the first time i left maddie with him, and she cries.

hmmm....3 months. i guess i should've continued giving her breastmilk in the bottle then. i started breastfeeding her when she was 2 1/2 months...didn't think it would affect her drinking from a bottle. guess i was wrong. =0P oh well...hopefully eulla and maddie both learn how to drink from a bottle. my mom has a hard time whenever i have to leave maddie. maddie takes the bottle after 10-15 minutes of crying. Ü

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