Eulla and Eulleah

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sunday morning, we went to church. I dressed Eulla up in her new GAP dress jeans. She looks so cute because I also had her wear white stockings because it was cold. When we were at church, I thought that Eulla was just gonna go to sleep through the whole mass but instead, she decided to talk to everyone around her. She was so loud, cooing her baby talk during the quiet times but everyone around her found her amusing! Even the choir upstairs was waving at her. She was spinning her head from left to right, up and down smiling at everyone she saw. Eulla is such a smiley baby. After the mass, we went to see the priest to have her blessed with Bernie. Then, as soon as I put her in the car, she was wining for her milk. I guess all that talking made her hungry. On her carseat, mom gave her milk and as soon as it was done, she was knocked out...even snoring hehehe
We went to my friend's baby's birthday, Estella. She turned 2 years old.

Dada and Eulla

(Reggie, Betty, Mitchell and Estella)

Happy 2nd Birthday Estella!!!

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