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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Clean - Dust - Vacuum-go go go!

Today is a day of cleaning and dusting. This room is so dirty...I barely have time to clean it. Along the hallway leading to our room is also full of our stuff so I gotta clean that too! I just finished washing Eulla's bottles and cleaning the bathroom. Next is our room. I gotta rush cleaning because my baby girl is sound asleep on her swing. She will be on it for about 2 hours till she wakes up for her milk :) Got to rush!!!
posted by Eubelle at 12:35 PM


Ü i know exactly how you feel. Ü the only time i get to clean and stuff is when maddie's sleeping. good thing i don't have to wash bottles that much anymore. Ü

1:03 PM  

Isn't that true! Babies change lives so drastically. Just imagine having two boys, a full time job, a house to maintain, cook and uuugh the never ending laundry. Not to mention not having family around to help you take a break. Lex, my 3 year old is so full of energy that Jeff and I really don't get any rest when he is awake. And when he's asleep, Marcus is awake needing to be fed. Marcus is now at the stage where he either rolls around or crawls just about everywhere that means the house needs to be vacuumed at least twice a day, the kitchen floor swept and washed after each cooking. And the toys that needs cleaned, washed and put away. Being a parent means sleep deprevation, never ending chores,and hardly anytime for yourself and your spouse...but oh! the rewards...never ending as well. The joy of hearing your kid say he missed you after waking up from a nap...and watching him happily play on the newly vacuumed carpet and thinking "crud I have to clean this up again tonight!"

7:31 PM  

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