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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Rain

Thank GOD its Friday. Eumir will be here with us on Saturday and Sunday!! Most of the time, Eulla and I are just here at home on weekdays because Eumir has to work but during the weekend, he either takes us to places, eat out or go shopping. I always long for the weekends!
It has been raining all day. It always seemes gloomy and boring when its raining. It is also 52 degrees outside so I blasted the heater to 72 degrees hehehe. Eulla just took her nap and I need to finish up the laundry so that our weekend will be free of house work. Nothing much happened today. Hopefully our weekend will be full of gallivanting :)
posted by Eubelle at 9:09 AM


wish santi was here already. *sigh* hopefully by summer he is.

i thought the rain was nice on monday cause it was warm despite the rain. but now, it's cold again...AND it's raining. it even hailed for a couple minutes this afternoon.

thanks for reminding me to do the laundry. hahahaha. i have to do mine, mick's and maddie's. i usually wash mine and mick's together anyways. maddie has to use dreft for her clothes. i tried using the tide he that has no fragrance and stuff, but she broke out in a rash. *sigh* gotta do the laundry now...hope it stops raining on the weekend.

4:53 PM  

I use the same laundry soap but after a year, I will switch to All clear for kids. Dreft is expensive!
Hopefully by then, her skin is not so sensitive.

Cant believed it hailed there. I have not experienced that since I was in Palmdale. Well, lets just wait for the weekend...they said it will be nice.

6:08 PM  

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