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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy Sunny Day!

Yesterday, Eulla and I went for a drive to Santa Clarita by ourselves! It was just me and Eulla for the first time. I was a bit nervous because it will be Eulla's first time to be alone at the back seat. I made sure that before we left the house, I fixed her mirror so I can see her from the rear view mirror. We had to try this sometime :)

Santa Clarita is about 12 miles away from the house. We took the 14 freeway and exited at Via Princesa. As we arrived at Ate's gate, I glanced at Eulla seeing her asleep. Whew! I was afraid she was gonna cry on me. I was so happy. We got there safe and sound. I muttered to my self..."THANK YOU LORD!"

We stayed at Ate's house for awhile. Then, after lunch we decided that we will stroll and shop around. Eulla just woke up from her nap. Ate drove while I was at the back with Eulla. Eulla was observing as usual. Looking at everything around her. Then, finally...the parking lot!!! As I was bringing down Eulla from the car, I felt the sun. The SUN!!! Very nice weather. I think it was in the 70's. Finally, it felt like spring.

We got in TJ Max. I've always had a bad opinion about TJ Max but for some reason, as we got in, I liked this TJ Max. Very organized, nice and clean. So from there, I knew.. OH OH, were in trouble. After 2 hours of strolling around, I must have at least 10 items in our cart...and would you believe, it was ALL Eulla's stuff. Toys and clothes. I haven't even been to the ladies section. Oh well, that's ok. I enjoyed looking for Eulla's stuff. Since we went around the whole place for two hours, Eulla got to know some shoppers and sales associate. Eulla was giggling and babbling the whole time that people would peek in her stroller and of course...Eulla would give them her big smile. By the end of the day, Eulla was very popular that as we approach the check out counter, the lady said "oh this is the pretty chubby baby that has been laughing and giggling. take a look!" Ate and I were so happy talking to everyone around us. Then, it was check out time...hmmm...I said I was only gonna spend a certain amount...oh well, there goes my budget. I will explain later to Eumir hehehe. (by the way, he said it was ok but asked me where are we gonna keep all the stuff I bought)

What a pleasant day.

Here's Eulla by the end of the day. She was so tired from smiling and giggling that after her water, she fell asleep. Take a look. She's even holding on to her stroller. I knew she was ready to go home.

Eulla's new toys

posted by Eubelle at 8:17 AM


wow! Ü lotsa toys! Ü it's funny cause maddie has sooo many toys as well, but she'll only play with it for a couple minutes. but if she sees the remote, cordless phone or my cell, she'll try to reach for it and if she gets it, she'll play with it longer than any of her toys. Ü

10:14 PM  

I know, I think us parents go over board with the toys. I'm the one who gets carried away. When Eumir got home he asked me where were gonna put all her stuff. And to think she's only 4 months. What happens in a year?

1:50 PM  

hahaha. i go overboard when i see cute outfits. i never had to buy her toys. my mom got her a few teething things and i got her some books. but the rest all came from her shower. Ü

3:45 PM  

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