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Friday, March 31, 2006

My poor baby

Eulla is going through her constipation again. She didn't sleep much last night after her 3 nights of sleeping 12 hours straight. It was great while it lasted. We both had plenty of rest but starting last night after bloomingdales, she started being fussy, so I knew, she's having problems with her bowel movement again. She still went daily but I guess she's not letting it all out. My poor baby.
I called her pediatrician this morning (9am). She gave me enfamil soy milk to give to her. We have to give her this formula till her irregularities goes away. I feel so helpless when she is crying so hard. This morning, I had to help her go. She was crying so hard. Now, she is sleeping. She probably got tired after all the work she did :(
(her doctor and my mom said it's just normal for babies to be this way but i wish she didn't have to go through this.)
posted by Eubelle at 10:22 AM


awww...hope she feels better soon! maddie's poop schedule changed too. she goes every other day it seems. the first time she didn't poop the whole day, i got scared and thought she was constipated too. so i didn't feed her the next day...i only nursed her. Ü oh well...less diapers to change. Ü

4:40 PM  

you know if only i was still breastfeeding, she probably wont be so constipated :( too bad i had problems with breastfeeding.

9:36 PM  

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