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Monday, March 27, 2006


Eulla's weight (3/27/06): 17lbs 6oz
I had to call Eulla's pediatrician for an appointment early morning because Eulla has not had a bowel movement since Wednesday (March22). I spoke to Dr. Farrohi on Friday and she recommended that Eulla eats Gerber pears so that it will stimulate her to go know. Then if she doesn't go, she advised me to call her after the weekend.

Anyways, so we went on a 12:00pm appointment. I love Eulla pedia, she is so nice, easy to talk to and easy get an appointment from. To think that the receptionist only squeezed us in her book, we only waited 10-15minutes. I've heard a lot of horror stories about pediatrician from my friends and they said that sometimes they have to rush their babies to the ER for little things like a cough because the pediatrician is not available or there's no room to see the baby at all because they are booked. That is plain crazy!

So, Eulla was a good girl. It was just me and her at the clinic because it was a "rush" thing but I kept Dada posted on what was happening (called him every 30 minutes hehehe). She didn't give me hard time at all. Except the doctor. She was checking Eulla's tummy and Eulla accidentally went pee on her. Eulla didn't have any pampers on. Oppssss.

The doctor gave me a lot of things to get for Eulla. She also gave me samples of the Enfamil ProSobee LIPIL (for common feeding problems). She told me to give this to Eulla till she goes then I can give her, her regular formula. She prescribed Eulla some colace suppositories as well. I have to give her 2 oz of water with 1 tablespoon of pear juice to help her with her tummy ache. was a lot for me to take down but, this is what happens when babies are switch from breastfeeding to formula. She said that Eulla's stomach will get used to it soon. I just have to train her to drink more water. At least 2 oz a day.

After her doctor's visit, we visited some of my "old" co-workers (i say old because im no longer working). Eulla had a blast. She was smiling ang giggling at everyone. Now, as update my blog, Eulla is sleeping on her bed. I guess she got tired. WHAT A DAY!!!

Sunday, Mommy Perla and Daddy Pogi got EULLA her first jewelry

posted by Eubelle at 4:01 PM


my mom also got maddie a bracelet around the first or second week of february. Ü she wore it during mick's birthday party and it fell off. good thing we found it under the table. Ü guess i'll wait til it fits better. Ü

9:52 AM  

oh...this one fits her well hehehe. u know my baby is chubby wubby :)

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