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Monday, March 06, 2006

Rain is so BAD here!

Ahhhh, its is raining. We have lots of errands from returning dad's massaging chair at office depot, getting his prescription glasses to buying Eulla's bouncer. It will be the 4 of us (Dad, Florizel, Eulla and me) rushing through the rain with crazy drivers in the rain.
back at home....
It was so bad!!! We finished our errands and we decided to go to Mami King for some soup and spaghetti. I decided that we will just eat at home so that we can rest right after eating and I can put Eulla on her bed. Anyways, as I was backing up from the parking lot, I hit a stupid yellow post! I was so upset! I didn't see it! STUPID STUPID STUPID! It was raining but I still decided to go down and check the damage! It was so upsetting to see the scratches on the bumper. Though from the sound of it, I thought that it will be a bigger damage. I'm so upset!!!

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which bouncer did you get? Ü

good thing it isn't raining hard here. the sky is really cloudy, but when it rains, it sprinkles. Ü think it's supposed to rain tomorrow though.

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