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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another party

We ended up going to another party this afternoon. Eumir's co-workers birthday. We went to the mall to get a gift for him then to Castiac for the birthday party. His house is so beautiful that we ended up taking pictures after eating.

Hahaha..Dada keeps talking...gotcha!

Always ready for the camera!

April 14, 2006 (Bernard's Birthday)

This day is really Bernard's birthday. We went to Mountasia. Too bad it was raining. The day before was such a sunny day (in the 80's), too bad. Anyways, we ended up staying inside and enjoyed our stay there for more than 4 hours...i think I enjoyed it more than Eulla because I was playing dance dance revolution with Jun. If it was sunny, there were bump cars and other fun stuff (I didn't really get to look outside, it was raining remember?!?).

After that, we went to Ate's house for dinner and waited for Dada there. He was at work the whole day. It was such a tiring day. We were out for more than 10 hours. On our way home, we almost got in an accident. It happened on the freeway 5. There was a pickup truck on the side and he ended up going to our lane and didn't accelerate. We must have been going 70mph. The truck was at a full stop then preceded to go to our lane. Eumir tried to avoid him. We swerved many times and the SUV went out of control. Whew, good thing Eumir was able to put us back on track and we were saved! Thank you LORD!

Sometimes its so hard to drive in the freeway cause even if your so careful, others are not. Eumir and I talked about it and we just cant stop imagining what would've happened to us but all I can say is that we thank the LORD, He was watching and guiding us. Eulla was just sucking her thumb as I held on to her and the carseat.

Happy 5th Birthday Bernard!

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happy birthday bernard! Ü

wow...nice pool. it's just like my cousin's sister's at vegas. Ü you didn't go swimming? Ü

10:55 AM  

nope, we didn't go swimming. the sun was out but it was actually windy :)

5:33 PM  

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