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Monday, April 17, 2006

Birth Certificate

Eumir and I decided to get Eulla's birth certificate today at the Van Nuys county recorder.We were there for an hour and got 3 copies of it. I am going to get Eulla's passport this month also so that we can plan our trip to the Philippines.
posted by Eubelle at 9:44 PM


3 copies? Ü i only got one. maybe i should've gotten more. also with mick...i only got one. they'll return the original certificate when you receive the passport. Ü when are you guys planning to go?

10:57 AM  

Yup, we got 3 copies. 1 for our file, 1 for her album and 1 for outgoing stuff (passports and other stuff). It's still a plan. We wanted to all go this year but we'll see. (we as in the WHOLE family)

5:32 PM  

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