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Friday, April 28, 2006

Brown Rice+ milk and prune juice

Eulla had her first taste of Nestle Brown Rice and Milk with of course...her prune juice. She always has to drink it when she eats her solid so she doesn't get constipated (poor baby). She liked it but not as much as her Nestle Wheat cereal. This was also know as cerelac back in my days (LOL)

Eulla after her lunch. I tried to take a close up of her tooth.

Eulla watching the backyardigans while I was having my lunch :)

Yesterday, Eumir and I bought Eulla a walker from Babies r us. This is another activity Eulla can engage in so that she doesn't get bored with her other toys, bouncer, watching TV, etc. I think I'll wait for Eumir to assemble it on the weekend. I hate doing those kind of things :) We also looked at convertible car seat. I think we'll be getting the britax marathon.

It's pink!

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hehe...i can see her tooth! Ü

5:32 PM  

now, its 2 :) -as of this morning-

9:39 PM  

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