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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Church...Then lunch time!

Eulla in her tommy hillfiger outfit

Thank you LORD!!! Eulla's getting better. Last night was the last suppositories that i had to use on her. She still cries when she's going. I guess all that had her traumatized. She will be taking her Enfamil ProSoBee formula for awhile (it's soy milk). Man, this formula is expensive! It's $4.50-$5 per 13 fl oz can. I still have 3 big cans of her Similac w/ Iron formula. Guess I'll return it at Costco. I even bought by the bulk to save a few bucks. Oh well...just as long as my baby is doing great, it doesn't matter.

Eulla slept for 8 hours straight last night then asked for milk then went to sleep for another 4 hours. After her tummy was cleansed, she probably was relieved. She can finally smile again without that sour face :) Again...THANK YOU LORD!

We went to church for the 12:00pm mass then we had lunch at home. I gave Eulla her first taste of Gerber prunes. I can only give her pear or prunes according to her pediatrician. This helps her go better. I got picture happy as well because she's doing better now.

um, um good!

Ninong Jun and Eulla

Eulla in her sunglasses

And...after all the picture taking,Dada still washed his car. (told him its gonna rain monday but...)

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