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Saturday, April 29, 2006


This morning, Eumir assembled Eulla's new JEEP walker. She still needs about 1/2 an inch of length to appreciate the walker - tipytoes she can reach. We tested it out at Babies r us and Eumir made me choose between a walker that was white and simple which her feet actually touches the ground or this pink JEEP and guess what I chose!?! Yup, the one she still needs to grow into. It wont take long. Maybe a few more weeks *wink* We also went to a couple of church today to see where we can have Eulla baptized in. Then we went to Bloomingdales to pick out a few outfits for Eulla (there was a SALE in the kids section). We also bought a gift for our friends baby. Their baby is getting baptized on May 7.
Eulla is now sleeping after she cried so much. It is 9:45pm. She's teething again. Her 2nd tooth finally came out and she's still fussing about it. Hope her sleep tonight will be okay.
Eulla having fun SHOPPING :)
posted by Eubelle at 9:55 AM


wow! i noticed she uses her stroller now without the carrier. Ü how does she like her walker?

12:57 PM  

I decided to take your advise on the stroller. After the times that I have put her on it, she keeps trying to sit up on her own...she's getting there.

As for the walker, she likes it but I still have to push her :)

1:02 PM  

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