Eulla and Eulleah

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Eulla has been clapping her hands for a while now but this time, she claps her hands when she's happy or when she's asked to. My baby girl is growing so fast.

(picture taken may 30)

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Rest day

Ever since Eumir took his exam, every weekend, we have been going to places. It has been very hectic. I think it finally caught up with me and Eulla that all we've been doing since Tuesday was sleep and eat. Poor Dada has not gotten his rest yet. Maybe we'll stay home this weekend. Oh, but I do have an ortho appointment this Saturday. Well, we'll see. Eumir was so occupied for the past months before his exam that he really made it up to me and Eulla. He kept bringing us everywhere. We love you Dada!
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

backless outfit

Eulla ended up taking a bath twice yesterday. Lets just say it was messy. I dressed her up again and Eumir loved her dress so much that he told me to take a picture of her a certain way. Here's our baby girl.
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Monday, May 29, 2006

So tired

Haaaay! We had so much fun Saturday. We were at Camarillo and Oxnard and the Navy Exchange. We were with Eumir's family till 11pm. We went shopping at the NEX and the outlet from early morning till 3pm then back to Oxnard. We ate some lobster, hmmm good! Then just hanged around and listened to Eumir's family story (Very interesting I might add, pwede na sa MMK). It has been so tiring for the three of us. Eulla actually kept sleeping yesterday. She slept before the service was over at church. Then she slept thru our lunch and when she woke up, she had her milk and a snack. After her snack, she slept again. She ate real mangoes for her snack. She liked it. Too bad I was not able to take a picture. (THANK YOU for the box of mangoes Auntie!) Well, you know what it means if she slept the whole day, she was awake early this morning. I had a headache trying to beg her to go back to sleep. So I ended up playing with her. After that, I gave her a bath. And now, its 9:50am...she's finally asleep. Haaay!!!! I better fix up the room while Eumir is washing the cars and Eulla's fast asleep in our bed. Later!


(L)Auntie Rizza with Eulla at NEX; (R) Eumir, Rizza and Eulla playing on her stroller

Eulla after her bath

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Chicken with gravy

For lunch, Eulla had chicken with gravy. I saw her reaction when she first tried it and her face said yucky! So, I tried it...and it is confirmed...yucky! I quickly warmed up her favorite squash and gave that for her lunch. Eulla's pediatrician said she's ready for chicken. She also suggested that i put steamed/boiled chicken in a food processor and feed it to her. I think I'll do that tomorrow if I find the time. I really want to make sure that she doesn't have allergies from it because when I eat a lot of chicken, i definitely get a rash somewhere.

This face it actually okay, it was her 2nd spoon

As I was washing the dishes after our lunch, I was wondering why she wasn't babbling. This is she is again...tasting everything hahaha!

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Getting ready

Today, I am preparing for our L-O-N-G weekend. We will be seeing Eumir's cousin Rizza from the Philippines (she's arriving today at LAX in the night) and the rest of his family from San Diego. We will all meet up at Camarillo Outlet to go shopping then go to Auntie Glo at Oxnard. This whole weekend will be a busy one so I have to get Eulla's stuff ready (diaper bag, bottles, clothes, emergency kit, etc). We always try to go out prepared so that Eulla wont have any problems.

Eulla is now sitting up. She's been trying the whole 2 weeks but now, she's mastered it!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Eumir didn't go to work today. He has a really bad canker soar. He said that after he takes a nap, we will eat out and go to Costco. Yehey! We are not home alone plus, we are not just staying at home.
By the way, Eulla lost her bracelet. Somewhere at the mall or at Big 5 or at the Japanese restaurant we ate at or somewhere in their parking lot. I finally gave up today. I called up all the places we were at Friday, may 19. All of them said that after a week and no one has returned it, that is it! I was just hoping someone honest will return it. Oh well...there it goes. I couldn't sleep the first night it was lost. For some reason, when Eulla was 4 months, it fitted her well but it got loose. I guess she's getting long and her baby fats are going away.
*I forgot to post this...i was hoping I can take a picture of Eulla before I did*
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh no!!

This morning after Eulla's bath, I decided to leave her on the bed while she was watching. I put pillows all around her but she ended up going on top of one and rolled down the bed. "Oh no!", I yelled but I was too late to catch her. She hit her leap frog and cried. I checked her while she was screaming but I didn't see anything red. I checked her mouth to be sure she didn't hit her gums. I guess she just got scared of the fall. Good thing Eumir insisted that we don't put any legs on the bed so it was low and she fell on the carpet. Whew! I'm glad she's okay. This is the first time she's ever fallen. She's now asleep on the bed. She got tired from crying. She didn't let me put her down till she fell asleep. She was really clingy after the incident.
I also forgot to put in the blog that Eulla tried her first PORTO cheese roll Sunday (may 21). I ate that while I was pregnant with her almost every week or at least every after my appointment with my OB and my ortho :) She liked it. Eumir was actually the one who insisted that I make her try it. What a DAD! SPOILER!
Yesterday, I left her with mom because I had to do jury duty. I've postponed it so many times that they finally didn't allow me to postpone it. Good thing I got taken out of it! Yesterday was the only day I had to serve. That's the first time I left Eulla with Mom for more than 7 hours.
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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kidspace Party

We went to Kid's Museum at Pasadena for Mitchell's 3rd Birthday party!. Eulla loved it there, especially outdoor. We took so much pictures. You can visit our album for it but for the mean time, here are a few. (The album is on the link)

Happy 3rd birthday Mitchell! and a happy birthday to Barbara!

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hawaiian Party

It's Tito Val's 55th birthday party! We had a blast. Eulla got to know new faces but ended up crying when she cant see the sight of me. What can I say, my baby LOVES me!
I think Eumir had too much to eat that when they asked him to sing, he did. Not only one song but two! Eulla and I were proud of DADA! We even took pictures!

(L) Eulla with Bernard (R) Eulla and Olivia

Eulla's new sandals w/ her pearl anklet

And for all of Eulla' s fan, here are the pictures you've been waiting for! (Tita Amelia, Rosalie, and everyone who requested it...thank you for viewing her blog on a daily basis)

My good girl

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Three day weekend!

Today, Eumir decided to take the day off. He actually went to work this morning but decided to go home at 10am. Eulla and I are both so happy that he came home early. It will be a 3 day weekend for him! We are going to go to the mall to buy some gifts for the parties we will be attending this weekend.
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Thursday, May 18, 2006


After going to Target to get some stuff for dad, we went to Manila Sunset to buy some bibinka for mirienda. They have the best bibinka in the San Fernando Valley. It was also mom's day off today so Eulla and I were not alone :)
Eulla enjoying her first taste of bibinka.
(Left)I had her try a little piece at first (Right)I ended up feeding her more
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Eulla had her first taste of applesauce. Like what they say..."an apple a day keeps a doctor away". It was okay for her. I thought that she would like it a lot but I was wrong. So far, she loves the squash the most. She was supposed to eat the squash for 3 days but Eumir gave her the last squash for dinner last night. She only ate 2/3 of the jar of applesauce and 3oz of her prune juice. She always has prune juice so she doesn't get constipated.
Here she is having her applesauce
Eulla also turned 28 weeks today.
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Monday, May 15, 2006


Eulla had her first taste of Squash. She loved it so much that she finished it all. This is the first time she finished her solid food. I cant believe how much she loved it. I will be giving this to her for 3 days. I hope she likes it till the 3rd day :)
All gone.
I actually put it in a bowl first but she was screaming for more so I ended up feeding the rest of it from the package. Eulla LOVES her food.
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Weekend in San Diego

We ended up leaving at around 8:30am, Saturday for San Diego because Eumir played table tennis with Jun early morning. We also picked up Eumir's cousin at Carson City. We made a pit stop somewhere near San Diego to change Eulla because she was crying. We got to San Diego around 11:30am. We stayed with Auntie Nene and Uncle Reylen's house (Eumir's relatives).
Thank you Uncle and Auntie !!!
After resting a few hours, off we go!!! We went to Babies r us. It was a big babies r us but despite the "superstore", we still had no luck with the onyx britax roundabout. After babies r us, we went to the mall. We strolled around. It was such a lovely day. It was an outdoor mall. We bought a few stuff and the toy Eulla has been looking for.
On mother's day, we went to a park with the rest of the moms. We had a picnic. Was not able to take too many pictures but here are a few.
Superdada and Mama with Eulla
Eulla sleeping after her LUNCH! She also had her first taste of pancit noodle (c/o Auntie Nene)
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Me and Eulla

For the first time, I had to drive to my orthodontist! Eumir always takes me to my ortho because its so far from our place and I don't drive other freeways except the 118, 5 and 14. (I know, I'm spoiled!) It takes about an hour to get there. (Dont ask me why I chose to go to an orthodontist that is far from our place...just because)
Anyways, I had to take Eulla with me because Mom ended up working. Oh boy...Eulla cried at the back for at least 20 minutes (Back and fort)! I felt so sorry for her because it was her first time being at the back by herself on her new car seat and it was a long ride. It's a long story but I'm going to return the car seat! I will shop around this weekend at San Diego. Plus after what happened yesterday, I definitely know what to look for in a car seat.
When we got home, I put Eulla in our bed so she can watch TV. I caught her eating her rubber ducky. I dont even know how she got it. She practically eats everything in sight now :)
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Britax Marathon

We tried it out! Eulla enjoyed her first ride on her britax marathon but all I can say is that this car seat is BIG!!! I'm having second thoughts on it. I just have to argue my way out with Eumir. Here's Eulla on it.

Late afternoon, we also went to see Bernard in his taekwondo class again. Ate ended up picking me and Eulla up. After that, we went to play tennis at the tennis court in Ate's place when Eumir got home from work. Eumir and I left Eulla with Ate while we played.
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

6 Months

Eulla is 6 months today. She had an appointment with her pedia this morning. We were there at around 9am. I had to wake her up early to give her a bath. Eumir and I didn't really get much sleep because for some reason, Eulla didn't want to sleep around 2am-4am. She was just awake the whole time which was quite weird. She usually just wakes up for some milk and goes right back to sleep.
Well, here's an update on her...
Weight - 18lbs 3oz
Lenght - 25 1/2"
Head - 17 1/4"
It's 6:20pm right now and she has a fever of a 100 degrees. I gave her tylenol.
I gave Eulla some mixed vegtabeles for the first time. It was okay for her. She didn't yell for some more unlike the other cerelac flavor but she did finish it.

Eulla playing with her Leap Frog on the floor


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Monday, May 08, 2006

Church and a baptism party

We went to church at Granada Hills today. Its called the 1st Presbyterian Church. We loved the church. This was the first time we attended this church. Eumir and I decided that we will start attending this church every sunday. They have a service that's called the 11th hour. We also decided that we will be getting Eulla baptized in this church. The pastor was so accomodating and very welcomy (is there such a word?!?) Anyways, I think we've finally found a church that we are comfotable in.
After church, we attended a baptism party. It was so much fun. We ended up staying till midnight. They are our friends from way back Mapua days. I guess we're all in the same page that's why we had so much to talk about, the time went by so fast. I didn't even get to take pictures. (*hint*hint* menchie - please send me the picture you took of us)
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Birthday Boy

Today is Eumir's birthday. He doesn't want me to tell anyone his real age. Right now he is telling everyone he is 28...hihihi.
What a day! We ended up splurging. Since it was Eumir's birthday, we went to Camarillo outlet. Everything I asked him (if he likes it on me), he got for me! I felt like it was my birthday. And the same goes for Eulla. I LOVE THIS DAY! Right now he is poofed-sleeping on the bed. I guess all that driving and walking made the birthday boy tired. After shopping for 3 hours nonstop, we ate at our favorite Japanese restaurant called E & E. Eumir can eat their curry everyday. That is how much he loves that particular food. I am stuffed!
Anyways, we also went to Babies R Us for Eulla's car seat. We got her the Britax Marathon. Here are some pictures of Eulla and Eumir. No pictures of me because...guess who was taking pictures!
Happy Birthday LOVE!!
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

26 weeks

Today, Eulla turned 26 weeks. She's been eating really well. Infact, I always feed her lunch between 11:30-12:30pm and it replaces her formula. She doesn't ask for milk till 3pm or 4pm. I usually give her nestle cerelac (wheat or brown rice). For some reason, she didn't quite like the Gerber 1st food. Plus, her stomach cant handle it. She does not digest it well. Except for prunes and pear which her pedia recommended. I'll get her started on the 2nd stage of nestle cerelac as soon as she turns 6 months this May 9. Jun brought enough Nestle cerelac from the Philippines till Eulla turns 1 year old :) My kumare, Sheila was the one who recommended that I get her the cerelac from the Philippines.
Her sleeping pattern changes but she sleeps on her own now. Her bedtime is usually 8pm unless we are out somewhere. Right now, she wakes me up every 4-5 hours. I guess it's cause she's still teething. Before her 1st tooth came out, she had been sleeping for 6 hours till she wakes me up for milk and be changed then goes right back to sleep for another 6 hours.
Eulla is about 20lbs right now. She had a cold that lasted for about 4 days. She's all better now. She has been trying to sit up on her own. She has been rolling - from her back to her stomach. She learned how to clap her hands. Once Eumir and I sing "shake that thing" she knows that her milk is coming so, she stops crying. She laughs a lot. If she is with someone new and doesn't see me in the next 5 minutes, she will cry so loud (she loves me so much). Our little angle is growing so fast. We love singing and playing with her.
That's about all that I can think of that Eulla has been doing.

Here she is trying to sit up

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Swimming and tennis

Dada and Eulla looking at the gold fish
Mama and Eulla by the pool

Eulla trying to swim with Mama's help

After swimming...Doesn't she look so cute?

It was a nice sunny day that we went swimming at Ate's place and after that, we played tennis.

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