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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

26 weeks

Today, Eulla turned 26 weeks. She's been eating really well. Infact, I always feed her lunch between 11:30-12:30pm and it replaces her formula. She doesn't ask for milk till 3pm or 4pm. I usually give her nestle cerelac (wheat or brown rice). For some reason, she didn't quite like the Gerber 1st food. Plus, her stomach cant handle it. She does not digest it well. Except for prunes and pear which her pedia recommended. I'll get her started on the 2nd stage of nestle cerelac as soon as she turns 6 months this May 9. Jun brought enough Nestle cerelac from the Philippines till Eulla turns 1 year old :) My kumare, Sheila was the one who recommended that I get her the cerelac from the Philippines.
Her sleeping pattern changes but she sleeps on her own now. Her bedtime is usually 8pm unless we are out somewhere. Right now, she wakes me up every 4-5 hours. I guess it's cause she's still teething. Before her 1st tooth came out, she had been sleeping for 6 hours till she wakes me up for milk and be changed then goes right back to sleep for another 6 hours.
Eulla is about 20lbs right now. She had a cold that lasted for about 4 days. She's all better now. She has been trying to sit up on her own. She has been rolling - from her back to her stomach. She learned how to clap her hands. Once Eumir and I sing "shake that thing" she knows that her milk is coming so, she stops crying. She laughs a lot. If she is with someone new and doesn't see me in the next 5 minutes, she will cry so loud (she loves me so much). Our little angle is growing so fast. We love singing and playing with her.
That's about all that I can think of that Eulla has been doing.

Here she is trying to sit up

posted by Eubelle at 1:14 PM


that's good she's trying to sit up. she'll probably be able to soon. Ü

good thing she eats a lot. maddie eats a couple of tablespoons at the most. but she loves trying new food. she really likes fruit. she likes real food more than baby food. Ü guess she likes trying to chew. Ü

7:00 PM  

Eulla LOVES to eat. She can eat 3/4 jar of gerber 1st food (pear or prunes)

2:56 PM  

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