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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

6 Months

Eulla is 6 months today. She had an appointment with her pedia this morning. We were there at around 9am. I had to wake her up early to give her a bath. Eumir and I didn't really get much sleep because for some reason, Eulla didn't want to sleep around 2am-4am. She was just awake the whole time which was quite weird. She usually just wakes up for some milk and goes right back to sleep.
Well, here's an update on her...
Weight - 18lbs 3oz
Lenght - 25 1/2"
Head - 17 1/4"
It's 6:20pm right now and she has a fever of a 100 degrees. I gave her tylenol.
I gave Eulla some mixed vegtabeles for the first time. It was okay for her. She didn't yell for some more unlike the other cerelac flavor but she did finish it.

Eulla playing with her Leap Frog on the floor


posted by Eubelle at 3:35 PM


wow! 18lbs already?!?! don't know how much maddie weighs now...but i don't know if it's that much. hehe. but maddie was 26 inches by 5 months. Ü

8:09 PM  

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