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Friday, May 26, 2006

Chicken with gravy

For lunch, Eulla had chicken with gravy. I saw her reaction when she first tried it and her face said yucky! So, I tried it...and it is confirmed...yucky! I quickly warmed up her favorite squash and gave that for her lunch. Eulla's pediatrician said she's ready for chicken. She also suggested that i put steamed/boiled chicken in a food processor and feed it to her. I think I'll do that tomorrow if I find the time. I really want to make sure that she doesn't have allergies from it because when I eat a lot of chicken, i definitely get a rash somewhere.

This face it actually okay, it was her 2nd spoon

As I was washing the dishes after our lunch, I was wondering why she wasn't babbling. This is she is again...tasting everything hahaha!

posted by Eubelle at 12:47 PM


does it really taste gross? Ü i've never given maddie gerber meat stuff. we give her the real thing. the first time she ate chicken, my dad boiled it in water and waited til the meat separated from the bone. then he blended the chicken a bit. maddie never really liked puréed stuff.

10:21 AM  

yup, gross! dont even try giving it to her. i give eulla bits and pieces of food now, she can chew on it because of her 2 front teeth.

10:25 AM  

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