Eulla and Eulleah

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Me and Eulla

For the first time, I had to drive to my orthodontist! Eumir always takes me to my ortho because its so far from our place and I don't drive other freeways except the 118, 5 and 14. (I know, I'm spoiled!) It takes about an hour to get there. (Dont ask me why I chose to go to an orthodontist that is far from our place...just because)
Anyways, I had to take Eulla with me because Mom ended up working. Oh boy...Eulla cried at the back for at least 20 minutes (Back and fort)! I felt so sorry for her because it was her first time being at the back by herself on her new car seat and it was a long ride. It's a long story but I'm going to return the car seat! I will shop around this weekend at San Diego. Plus after what happened yesterday, I definitely know what to look for in a car seat.
When we got home, I put Eulla in our bed so she can watch TV. I caught her eating her rubber ducky. I dont even know how she got it. She practically eats everything in sight now :)
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2 Comments: cute! maddie was like that ever since she was 3-4 months. it's even harder now cause i put her on the floor so she can practice crawling, standing and walking.

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