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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh no!!

This morning after Eulla's bath, I decided to leave her on the bed while she was watching. I put pillows all around her but she ended up going on top of one and rolled down the bed. "Oh no!", I yelled but I was too late to catch her. She hit her leap frog and cried. I checked her while she was screaming but I didn't see anything red. I checked her mouth to be sure she didn't hit her gums. I guess she just got scared of the fall. Good thing Eumir insisted that we don't put any legs on the bed so it was low and she fell on the carpet. Whew! I'm glad she's okay. This is the first time she's ever fallen. She's now asleep on the bed. She got tired from crying. She didn't let me put her down till she fell asleep. She was really clingy after the incident.
I also forgot to put in the blog that Eulla tried her first PORTO cheese roll Sunday (may 21). I ate that while I was pregnant with her almost every week or at least every after my appointment with my OB and my ortho :) She liked it. Eumir was actually the one who insisted that I make her try it. What a DAD! SPOILER!
Yesterday, I left her with mom because I had to do jury duty. I've postponed it so many times that they finally didn't allow me to postpone it. Good thing I got taken out of it! Yesterday was the only day I had to serve. That's the first time I left Eulla with Mom for more than 7 hours.
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awww. poor eulla. good thing your bed is low. it gets harder and harder to leave them even for a second when they start moving around.

11:45 PM  

the whole day, she seemed scared. she didn't want to be put down anywhere. i was carrying her around the whole day.

8:50 AM  

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