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Monday, May 29, 2006

So tired

Haaaay! We had so much fun Saturday. We were at Camarillo and Oxnard and the Navy Exchange. We were with Eumir's family till 11pm. We went shopping at the NEX and the outlet from early morning till 3pm then back to Oxnard. We ate some lobster, hmmm good! Then just hanged around and listened to Eumir's family story (Very interesting I might add, pwede na sa MMK). It has been so tiring for the three of us. Eulla actually kept sleeping yesterday. She slept before the service was over at church. Then she slept thru our lunch and when she woke up, she had her milk and a snack. After her snack, she slept again. She ate real mangoes for her snack. She liked it. Too bad I was not able to take a picture. (THANK YOU for the box of mangoes Auntie!) Well, you know what it means if she slept the whole day, she was awake early this morning. I had a headache trying to beg her to go back to sleep. So I ended up playing with her. After that, I gave her a bath. And now, its 9:50am...she's finally asleep. Haaay!!!! I better fix up the room while Eumir is washing the cars and Eulla's fast asleep in our bed. Later!


(L)Auntie Rizza with Eulla at NEX; (R) Eumir, Rizza and Eulla playing on her stroller

Eulla after her bath

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