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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Eumir didn't go to work today. He has a really bad canker soar. He said that after he takes a nap, we will eat out and go to Costco. Yehey! We are not home alone plus, we are not just staying at home.
By the way, Eulla lost her bracelet. Somewhere at the mall or at Big 5 or at the Japanese restaurant we ate at or somewhere in their parking lot. I finally gave up today. I called up all the places we were at Friday, may 19. All of them said that after a week and no one has returned it, that is it! I was just hoping someone honest will return it. Oh well...there it goes. I couldn't sleep the first night it was lost. For some reason, when Eulla was 4 months, it fitted her well but it got loose. I guess she's getting long and her baby fats are going away.
*I forgot to post this...i was hoping I can take a picture of Eulla before I did*
posted by Eubelle at 8:51 AM


awww...hope eumir feels better and sorry to hear about eulla's bracelet. maddie's fell off during mick's bday party, but good thing it was just under the table. i haven't put it on her since.

10:25 AM  

i dont want to put a bracelet on her now, she just wears her earings and necklace. im scared she might lose it again.

10:28 AM  

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