Eulla and Eulleah

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Friday, June 30, 2006

It is out!

Hahaha! She was teething! Her upper front tooth is out. I was shocked to see it this morning. I called Eumir at work right away and we were both excited. It is one BIG tooth! It's like mine =) The first one out is her left upper tooth. The right one will probably follow within the week. Here's a snap shot of her. I hope you see it.
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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rice and soup

Eulla had her lunch with me and Dad here at home. She had her first taste of rice with nido soup. It's one of those chinese soup where you add an egg. Her rice looked like it was arroz caldo. She also had this for dinner. She must have had 10 spoonful of it. She didn't ask for milk till 8pm. Oh, she did have some milk in between the meals but it was only 3oz.
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Sick baby

My baby Eulla is still sick. The doctor gave her a couple of medication. One is pedia care infant drops. It's a decongestant for her cough. The other one is just 1% hydrocortisone for her rash. She slept pretty well last night. She only woke up once. It was around 1am then she woke up when Eumir was leaving for work this morning. I just gave her a bath and rubbed her chest and back with vics babyrub. She is now sleeping. She fell asleep while watching Diego (Nick Jr.).

Here's my sick baby. Take a look at her eyes. Its red all poor baby
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back from the doctor

Eumir decided that he will come with us to the doctor. He ended up going home right after lunch. We just got back from Eulla's doctor at Northridge. Eulla is now 19lbs 1oz. She is doing okay. She now has a cold as well but when the doctor saw her, she said that Eulla is a happy baby and that she is healthy. It's just part of growing up. She also said that we can now start feeding Eulla filipino food just as long as its not spicy and not too salty. Just to make sure that I still keep track of every meal she has and to make sure its not too hard and is easy to swallow.
Here is Eulla with Dada waiting for Dr. Farrohi
We also went straight to Topanga mall to stroll around and buy a couple of things. It's a very hot day and the mall is nice and cool. After the mall, we went to Chile's. I had my favorite baby back ribs and Eumir had their salmon. He is starting his healthy diet (that's why he didn't indulge like me). Eulla had their fries and carrots with a little bit of rice. We had a fast dinner because we wanted Eulla to have a good rest. It was the fastest anniversary dinner we had.
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Pediatrician and Anniversary

Awww, we are going to Eulla's pediatrician today. Her cough got worse. We'll keep everyone posted after her visit to the doctor. I'll never forget her 1st cough because it's Eumir and my anniversary.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Today, it is soooo HOT but very gloomy. It looks like its going to rain. Eulla has been coughing the whole day. It's with a popping sound. She doesn't have a cold and she is actually happy. It doesn't seem to be bothering her but just in case, I will call her pedia tomorrow if it gets worse. I thought she was teething. Maybe she had a soar throat the whole time.

Well, we're going to SEARS today to get Dad his gift (tools) from Eumir, Eulla and me. We will bring Dad with us so he can choose. Ciao!
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Dad's birthday

It is dad's ## birthday. He doesn't want anyone to know what his age is. Its up to you to add it up hehehe. Ate is now 31 and I am 30. There's a lot of numbers you can come up with but that is what her wants everyone to think of :) We actually started his celebration yesterday. We went to Oxnard and ate at channel Island. Of course, we had some spider crabs and some grilled shrimps and oyster...hmmmm GOOD! Today, we are just having a few people over at our house because they (Dad and Mom) still have jet lag. He said he'd rather sleep but of course, we still celebrated. We used Dad's camera so I haven't uploaded his pictures. I'll post some later.
Dad with Eulla and Bernie (can you tell dad is still sleepy?)
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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wedding anniversary gift!

OH MY GOSH!!!! This is the best ever! I am so excited to let you guys know that I got the best present from my husband for our 3rd wedding anniversary. As you all know, Dad and Mom just got back from their tour at Europe. Guess what is in Italy that I've been dreaming of getting. Ready??? The best GUCCI BAG ever! It has all the authenticity papers and its own serial number. Yup, he got me a GUCCI bag. Its the GUCCI bag that I've only dreamt of getting but I got it. All I can say is OH MY GOSH! My LOVE is sooo wonderful. I really dont know what to say. If you guys only know, I am screaming of the top of my lungs. I would like to share with you...the best purse EVER! is he gonna top this one next year...
By the way, our anniverasary is on June 28.
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For some reason, she has been very clingy and a bit fussy. She would cry before going to sleep. I have a strong feeling that she is teething again. We'll see in a week if her upper teeth are going to come out. By the way, Eulla had her first baby yogurt. She was shocked with the coldness of the yogurt but after she figured it will be cold everytime, she just had her mouth open everytime.
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rice and sauce

This afternoon, I fed Eulla rice and some sauce of the beef-steak (just a little of it, to add taste to the rice) and her all time favorite, squash. I can tell I'm not gonna have so much problems when it comes to feeding this angel of mine. She really LOVES eating.
Last night, Eumir gave her some mashed potatoes for dinner and a little rice. Then after our early dinner (7pm), since the sun was still out, we decided to stroll around the neighborhood. Regularly, there are lots of people that walk around between 7-8pm. I guess they are also trying to brush off the calories they all ate for dinner :) But to go back to the topic, after our walk, Eulla had her formula at 9pm and slept. Would you believe...she slept through the whole night! A whole 10 hours. She was just tossing and turning because she was looking for her security blanket but she went to sleep STRAIGHT! Yahoo for me! I hope this happens again. We'll see tonight. I'll keep you all updated on her sleep.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mall time!

We at CPK for dinner. We went to the Mall when Eumir got home from work. Eulla and I are getting bored at home so Eumir decided he will take us out. Isn't he SWEET! I love my husband, he is the BEST! (it gets really boring at home at times. When Eulla can walk, we'll go to the park in the mornings...then our day wouldn't be so dull - you stay home MOMS, I know, you know how I feel)
Eulla had the bread at CPK. She finished a whole slice of it except the hard part at the sides. Eumir and I had our favorite...BBQ chicken salad and the shrimp kung pao spaghetti...Yummy! Eulla had to sit her car seat the whole time. They too the stroller to the kitchen because there were lots of people eating at the time. We had a good seat. Very airy and spacey.
Eull in her car seat
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Monday, June 19, 2006

KFC dinner

Eumir decided that we have KFC for dinner. We missed the mashed potatoes and their biscuit with the yummy honey. Eulla had her first taste of the mashed potatoes and a little of the chicken. No honey for her yet. Not allowed! She had at least 7 teaspoon of the mashed potatoes (this is the Gerber spoon by the way). It's 9:30pm and she has not asked for her milk yet. We had our dinner at around 6:30pm. She is already in her bed sleeping. Lets hope she sleeps through the night *wink*
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's day

For Father's day, we went to church then we ate at Rubio's for lunch. It was my first time eating there. Just wanted to try what they were fussing about. It was a very hot day. We had to use Eumir's car to go everywhere. His car doesn't have tint so we can really feel the 100 degrees heat. We had to get back home right away because we still had other errands. Poor Dada had to replace the battery for the Land Cruiser on Father's Day! What a day. It was so tiring going back and forth to Autozone and Pep Boys that we ended up not going to the mall after getting the battery replaced at Pepboys. The service center for Toyota was closed so we had to get it done else where. It was just so hard to find the battery for the land cruiser. We just ended up getting Starbucks after then it was home sweet home.
HAPPY 1st FATHER'S DAY DADA! We love you! -Mama and Eulla
(We got our JCPenny portrait in the email and since we bought the smiles by wire, im assuming that I can also post it to share with family and friends, it makes sense...we got the smiles by wire to be able to send it everyone via email)
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eating on her own

I had Eulla try to eat on her own. It wasn't so messy at first but when I had her try the biter biscuit...oh was messy! The first one was from her high chair then for her late afternoon snack, I was too lazy to bring her down so I had her eat in her baby Einstein bouncer. It was a mistake because I had to clean the bouncer from the seat to all the toys around it. It was a lot of work. Next time, she will just eat on her high chair.
Top: She is trying to eat her Gerber (Strawberry Flavor)
Bottom: She is eating her Gerber biter biscuit
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sleepy baby

This afternoon, Dad and Mom left for Europe. They took the tour with some friends. As they were getting ready to leave this morning, Eulla was just blabbing all sorts of things. I guess it's because she was excited to see her Kuya Bernard and everyone was home. She's been talking a lot, a lot more than before. Even when she's about to go to sleep. I wanted to keep track of the words she says. So far its...
Ateeh, Dadadada, Aja, Agugugu, hi (its sounds like it, but I doubt she knows what it means), and hey.
She has been so sleepy today. She even slept till 9am this morning (she's usually awake by 6:30am). I caught her wide awake at around 2am in her bed this morning. She was playing. She was probably playing for a while already and that's the reason she is so sleepy today. Plus she usually takes a nap after her bath but she stayed awake till Dad and Mom left for the airport.
I took pictures of her but I didn't put the flash on, I didn't want to bother her. She slept for 3 hours. What a nap!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

First Filipino Dish

Eulla had her first Filipino dish this afternoon. I gave her some upo. I really don't know what its called in English but this Filipino dish is the easiest thing to cook. Eumir was the one who cooked this for our dinner last night. I kind of gave Eulla a taste of it last night (small piece) but I didn't want her to have a tummy ache. I decided to give her the Upo for her lunch today. She enjoyed it a lot. She was even asking for more. I wasn't able to take pictures of her eating.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today is Eulla's pictorial. We will be using the pictures she will take at the studio for her "sign in" for her baptism. Eumir and I are still in the process of taking our seminar so we dont have an actual date yet (maybe July or early August). We are also waiting for Eumir's Uncle to get back from the Navy so that the whole family will be complete for Eulla's day (except for the family in the Philippines).
I would also like to thank the people who are offering to help me prepare for the baptism. Eumir and I know how much Eulla is LOVED! Thank you so much! So for the mean time, here's Eulla before her pictorial (hehehe). I didn't want to dress her up yet.
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Friday, June 09, 2006

7 Months

Eulla's many faces (Upper R -what's this?- Upper L -shocked- Lower L -beeeh- Lower R -Yahoo-)

Eulla is 7 months today! Eumir took the day off and we decided to celebrate at our favorite pastry place at Burbank. We got Eulla a small cake and we got some pastries for us and to give away. We started the day pretty late. We decided to just sleep in just to be fully rested plus it was so hot outside.

Happy 7 months baby girl!

Welcome to PORTOS Burbank. (This place is always fully pact. People from far places visits this bakery once they've tried the cheese rolls)

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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Hi there! (Looks like she's waving doesn't it?)

For the first time, Eumir and I took out Eulla's Jeep outside so that she can stroll around instead of just walking her outside in her stroller. We ended up bringing her in the garage because the slope on the drive way was angled too much. It made her go down the street faster. She enjoyed it and was talking in her baby language. Lately, she's been doing a lot of baby talk such as dada, ajaja, haya, and other words I cant even spell.

Speaking of baby talk, yesterday, we went to our seminar at church and Eulla was talking a lot that most of the people there told us that she will be talking early because she is quite a talker. If that happens, that means that she will take after me when it comes to talking. My parents told me that I spoke earlier than my older sister. Ate and I are exactly 1 year apart. By 1 year old I was already in talking.
Ninong JUN left for the Philippines yesterday (June7). We'll see you on December!!!
~Happy Birthday Ninong JUN~
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Monday, June 05, 2006

First Stride Rite

Finally I found it!!! I've been looking for shoes for Eulla that will meet her needs. Right now, she enjoys strolling in her pink jeep walker and I wanted to find shoes for her that wont hurt her feet and she''' be able to "stride" with it. Once I saw it at Nordstrom, I knew, that is it. I just asked for Eumir's approval. He just looked at the shoes and said YES.
Eulla wearing her first osh kosh jumper from Mommy PERLA!

Here she is wearing it. Isn't it CUTE!
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pentecost Sunday

Today is Pentecost Sunday. We had to dress up in red at church for the occasion. The church was nice. Eulla was looking everywhere because she loves RED and balloons. I was not able to dress her in red because she doesn't have anything in pure red right now (she wore something close to it hehehe =)
After church, we went to Valencia Mall to get a few things and we also had our lunch there. Eulla and Dada went to the carousel. She enjoyed looking at it. She couldn't ride it yet. I think we'll wait till she's 1 year old.
June 3, 2006
We went to a graduation party at TODAI. Here's a family picture of us
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