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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back from the doctor

Eumir decided that he will come with us to the doctor. He ended up going home right after lunch. We just got back from Eulla's doctor at Northridge. Eulla is now 19lbs 1oz. She is doing okay. She now has a cold as well but when the doctor saw her, she said that Eulla is a happy baby and that she is healthy. It's just part of growing up. She also said that we can now start feeding Eulla filipino food just as long as its not spicy and not too salty. Just to make sure that I still keep track of every meal she has and to make sure its not too hard and is easy to swallow.
Here is Eulla with Dada waiting for Dr. Farrohi
We also went straight to Topanga mall to stroll around and buy a couple of things. It's a very hot day and the mall is nice and cool. After the mall, we went to Chile's. I had my favorite baby back ribs and Eumir had their salmon. He is starting his healthy diet (that's why he didn't indulge like me). Eulla had their fries and carrots with a little bit of rice. We had a fast dinner because we wanted Eulla to have a good rest. It was the fastest anniversary dinner we had.
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whoa! 19 pounds already! Ü how long is she?

10:29 AM  

they didn't measure her. i wanted to know also. oh well, next check up she said they'll measure her :)

10:03 PM  

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