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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's day

For Father's day, we went to church then we ate at Rubio's for lunch. It was my first time eating there. Just wanted to try what they were fussing about. It was a very hot day. We had to use Eumir's car to go everywhere. His car doesn't have tint so we can really feel the 100 degrees heat. We had to get back home right away because we still had other errands. Poor Dada had to replace the battery for the Land Cruiser on Father's Day! What a day. It was so tiring going back and forth to Autozone and Pep Boys that we ended up not going to the mall after getting the battery replaced at Pepboys. The service center for Toyota was closed so we had to get it done else where. It was just so hard to find the battery for the land cruiser. We just ended up getting Starbucks after then it was home sweet home.
HAPPY 1st FATHER'S DAY DADA! We love you! -Mama and Eulla
(We got our JCPenny portrait in the email and since we bought the smiles by wire, im assuming that I can also post it to share with family and friends, it makes sense...we got the smiles by wire to be able to send it everyone via email)
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