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Monday, June 05, 2006

First Stride Rite

Finally I found it!!! I've been looking for shoes for Eulla that will meet her needs. Right now, she enjoys strolling in her pink jeep walker and I wanted to find shoes for her that wont hurt her feet and she''' be able to "stride" with it. Once I saw it at Nordstrom, I knew, that is it. I just asked for Eumir's approval. He just looked at the shoes and said YES.
Eulla wearing her first osh kosh jumper from Mommy PERLA!

Here she is wearing it. Isn't it CUTE!
posted by Eubelle at 4:15 PM


wow! how cute! Ü does eulla like wearing shoes? maddie always takes them off that's why she's usually barefoot. Ü

8:09 PM  

she actually doesn't like to wear shoes but that's one of the things i was considering when i was buying her shoes. she cant take these off. it actually stays on the whole time.

10:20 AM  

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