Eulla and Eulleah

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mall time!

We at CPK for dinner. We went to the Mall when Eumir got home from work. Eulla and I are getting bored at home so Eumir decided he will take us out. Isn't he SWEET! I love my husband, he is the BEST! (it gets really boring at home at times. When Eulla can walk, we'll go to the park in the mornings...then our day wouldn't be so dull - you stay home MOMS, I know, you know how I feel)
Eulla had the bread at CPK. She finished a whole slice of it except the hard part at the sides. Eumir and I had our favorite...BBQ chicken salad and the shrimp kung pao spaghetti...Yummy! Eulla had to sit her car seat the whole time. They too the stroller to the kitchen because there were lots of people eating at the time. We had a good seat. Very airy and spacey.
Eull in her car seat
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