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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Hi there! (Looks like she's waving doesn't it?)

For the first time, Eumir and I took out Eulla's Jeep outside so that she can stroll around instead of just walking her outside in her stroller. We ended up bringing her in the garage because the slope on the drive way was angled too much. It made her go down the street faster. She enjoyed it and was talking in her baby language. Lately, she's been doing a lot of baby talk such as dada, ajaja, haya, and other words I cant even spell.

Speaking of baby talk, yesterday, we went to our seminar at church and Eulla was talking a lot that most of the people there told us that she will be talking early because she is quite a talker. If that happens, that means that she will take after me when it comes to talking. My parents told me that I spoke earlier than my older sister. Ate and I are exactly 1 year apart. By 1 year old I was already in talking.
Ninong JUN left for the Philippines yesterday (June7). We'll see you on December!!!
~Happy Birthday Ninong JUN~
posted by Eubelle at 6:41 PM


didn't know jun left already. hmm...maybe i'll visit him when we go back. Ü do you have your tickets already for december? Ü that's the most expensive season and the planes are always fully booked.

8:10 PM  

im still saving up for the philippines (ticket and baon). jun's ticket actually cost $1500+ (that's a lot). i wanted to make sure that eulla will have a seat when we go back there. eumir and i are still talking about it.

10:23 AM  

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