Eulla and Eulleah

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rice and sauce

This afternoon, I fed Eulla rice and some sauce of the beef-steak (just a little of it, to add taste to the rice) and her all time favorite, squash. I can tell I'm not gonna have so much problems when it comes to feeding this angel of mine. She really LOVES eating.
Last night, Eumir gave her some mashed potatoes for dinner and a little rice. Then after our early dinner (7pm), since the sun was still out, we decided to stroll around the neighborhood. Regularly, there are lots of people that walk around between 7-8pm. I guess they are also trying to brush off the calories they all ate for dinner :) But to go back to the topic, after our walk, Eulla had her formula at 9pm and slept. Would you believe...she slept through the whole night! A whole 10 hours. She was just tossing and turning because she was looking for her security blanket but she went to sleep STRAIGHT! Yahoo for me! I hope this happens again. We'll see tonight. I'll keep you all updated on her sleep.
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