Eulla and Eulleah

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sick baby

My baby Eulla is still sick. The doctor gave her a couple of medication. One is pedia care infant drops. It's a decongestant for her cough. The other one is just 1% hydrocortisone for her rash. She slept pretty well last night. She only woke up once. It was around 1am then she woke up when Eumir was leaving for work this morning. I just gave her a bath and rubbed her chest and back with vics babyrub. She is now sleeping. She fell asleep while watching Diego (Nick Jr.).

Here's my sick baby. Take a look at her eyes. Its red all poor baby
posted by Eubelle at 9:42 AM


aww...hope she gets better soon!

maddie has that same exact outfit. hahahaha. Ü

10:03 AM  

thank you! just finished posting pictures.

10:13 AM  

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