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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sleepy baby

This afternoon, Dad and Mom left for Europe. They took the tour with some friends. As they were getting ready to leave this morning, Eulla was just blabbing all sorts of things. I guess it's because she was excited to see her Kuya Bernard and everyone was home. She's been talking a lot, a lot more than before. Even when she's about to go to sleep. I wanted to keep track of the words she says. So far its...
Ateeh, Dadadada, Aja, Agugugu, hi (its sounds like it, but I doubt she knows what it means), and hey.
She has been so sleepy today. She even slept till 9am this morning (she's usually awake by 6:30am). I caught her wide awake at around 2am in her bed this morning. She was playing. She was probably playing for a while already and that's the reason she is so sleepy today. Plus she usually takes a nap after her bath but she stayed awake till Dad and Mom left for the airport.
I took pictures of her but I didn't put the flash on, I didn't want to bother her. She slept for 3 hours. What a nap!

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hehehe. Ü how cute! Ü maddie babbles a lot as well. there was one time when she kept on babbling...then when i looked at her a couple minutes later, she was sleeping. Ü

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