Eulla and Eulleah

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Sunday, July 30, 2006


We went to church today and on our way inside, we saw a nice fountain. We decided to take pictures after the service. After church, we went to Topanga Mall to find a few more things for me. It was such a nice day. It was not so hot. Finally, its cooling down.
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Eat and Shop

saturday, july 29, 2006
We went to Oxnard to eat some jumbo prawns. Eumir and I were craving for it badly. At the same time, we decided that we will go to camarillo to get our outfit for Eulla's baptism after Oxnard. We went to almost all the malls around the valley but we both had no luck except for Eumir's ALDO shoes. So hopefuly the outlet will have more choices.
After shopping....
Finally, I got my outfit at BCBG Maxazria. I'm all set. Eulla's pina dress has been bought in the Philippines and is on its way here. Eulla's all set. Eumir' shoes are ready...hehehe that's all. We still need to find his tie to match with me and Eulla.
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Playtime and work time

While I am busy with preparing the details for Eulla's baptism, I found a way to have Eulla play for at least 30 minutes, sometimes more. I laid out a velour comforter on the floor for her to roll around and I put toys and little pillows all round it while the TV and DVD are on for background noise. She rolls, scoots and stand in this little area I provided her with.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New front teeth

I finally got a shot of Eulla's new front teeth. Here is Eulla with her new set of teeth.

Eulla has been trying to crawl lately. I thought she wasn't going to go through that but she has a video of scooting up and turning by using her arms. She moves forward by pushing her feet and pulling on something but her tummy is still on the floor. (The video is in our multiply blog. You can click on the link at the sides)
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A one hot week

This whole week has been record breaking heat! Saturday was so bad! Eumir, Eulla and I were out the whole day and it felt like there was a fire right on our faces. Eulla's head was sweating the whole time. We went to our dentist to get our teeth cleaned. After the dentist we decided to go to fashion square to look for a dress for me and a tie for Eumir at Bloomingdales. All I can remember about Saturday was the heat. It was registering 120 degrees in the SUV.

Today, it is another hot day but not as hot as yesterday. Again, we went to the mall to look for my outfit but NO LUCK and the same goes for Eumir. Here is Eulla with her white balloon. She was so bored. Plus she wasn't feeling so well becasue she is teething again. Yup, TEETHING again. After her two upper front teeth, its now the sides. It seems to be coming out all at once.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stand and Ride

Eulla trying to stand up

Since Eulla turned 8 months, she has been acrobatic lately. I see her rolling her way to get to places and sometimes, it looks very acrobatic hehehe. She has been trying to stand more often now. Just as long as she has something to hold on to, she pulls her way up. She even tries on my leg when we are in bed or sometimes the pillow.
Every afternoon, we also try to stroll around the neighborhood just as long as its not too hot. Now, instead of using the stroller, we use Bernie's red car. She likes riding that car. Our neighbor has twins and we always see them late afternoon. Eulla enjoys seeing them. They are about a year older than Eulla.
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Almost there...

I am sorry for not posting about Eulla for almost a week. We've been so busy preparing for her baptism. We are almost done. Just a couple more things and I can relax and get back to our usual routine.
I think Eulla's teething again. After her two front upper teeth, each tooth on the sides of the front are also coming out. I can feel it already. She's been very good even if she's teething. She's just drooling a lot. Right now, she's watching her favorite DVD. She's watching the backyardigans. She can watch that over and over through out the whole day.
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Odyssey and Seafood City

Today, Mom and I looked at the venue for Eulla's baptism. I LOVED the view! Eumir and I just need to finalized everything on Wednesday and then we are all set. Yepppeeee!

After going to the Odyssey, we went to Mom's work to see Tita Amelia, Rosalie and Ate. We just needed to get opinions on what else to get on the menu. Then, we went to the Original Thai BBQ. We had some of their ribs and chicken. Eulla of course, shared my meal. She had their orange rice. She had a lot to eat. After eating there, Seafood City is right next to it, so we did a little grocery shopping. Eulla tried their shopping cart. After grocery shopping, we went to the invitation place and on the way, Eulla was sleeping and even snoring in her car seat. She didn't wake up till we got home at 4:30pm.

My baby is SOOOO cute hehehe!

For dinner, mom cooked some arroz caldo. Eumir and I had a couple of bowls and Eulla had too much to eat! hehehe. She is now on our bed with her Dada while he plays his NFL.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

8 Months

Can i have the camera mama? hehehe

Eulla is now 8 months. We went to church. After church, we went home to have our lunch. Eulla fell asleep from church so when she woke up, we were all set to watch Chicken Little. After giving birth to Eulla, we were not able to watch another movie in the theater. Now, we rent DVD's but this DVD, Bernard let Eulla borrow.

Eulla watching chicken little (Thank you kuya bernie)
Mom bbq'd some steak for Eulla's 8 months. We also had some friends come over. They came from Palmdale. Thank you Tito Jun, Tita Natty, Kuya Rick, Ate Miriam and baby Bella for coming :)
While mom was cooking, Eulla, Dada, and I walked around the neighborhood. Eulla was able to use Bernie's old car. She liked it but once we stopped, she was screaming.
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Friday, July 07, 2006

Two front teeth

Eulla's two front upper teeth are finally out. A few days ago it was just the left one. Her upper and lower teeth are showing. And because of this, she has been eating all sorts of food. She had a banana early morning after her milk. Then, she had some pancit this afternoon. The pancit is from A&W Seafood Restaurant. Mom bought some after her errands this morning. And for a snack, she had some cherrios and if you can see in the picture she also tried the fortune cookie.

Take a look at my fortune cookie.
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Busy Bee

I am in the process of taking care of Eulla's baptism. We finally finished everything we needed at the church, so we've finally set the date. I am so busy making phone calls and going to places to make sure everything will be okay for our baby girl. I really want this to be special. While I'm on the phone and the computer all at once, I decided to put Eulla on her playpen for the first time. She loved it. She even giggled when she realized she can see pass thru the net. Now she is screaming with laughter while I'm typing :)
I've got my list of things to do before the baptism:
- Visit 5 banquets and halls we might have the baptism at
- Get the invitations printed out
- Pick out the give aways
- Get Eulla's dress
So far those are the major stuff. Thank you everyone for volunteering to help!
By the way, Eulla tried to finally hold her bottle on her own. Although, it was already empty by the time she tried it out. Its an improvement from not holding the bottle at all. Maybe the bottle is too big and heavy for her. (she just woke up in that picture and had her milk...can you tell? her hair is standing up)
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!!

We spent our 4th of July at Ate's new house. Eumir cooked sopas and Vic grilled some steak and ribs. Eulla had her first taste of sopas for dinner. She loves the milk part of it and ate the carrots and the elbow noodles as well. She didn't want to stop eating so I decided that half the bowl was enough. She also had her first taste of Kraft cheese for her snack and cantaloupes.
After having dinner at Ate's place, we went back to our place to watch some fireworks but by the time we reached the top part of the park near our place which has the whole view of the valley, Eulla was asleep. We can even see the fireworks from Universal Studios. Oh well, hopefully next year she'll see her first fireworks.
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Click! got it...

I finally got it! I took a picture of Eulla trying to stand up. She made it to standing up but I had to guide her down because she was standing on the playpen with the top part. She is learning to stand. Im so happy but once she starts walking...I know it will be fun but tiring :) Run here, run there.
Eumir is still sleeping under the sheets. CAn you see his head? hehehe
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Mom, Eulla and a rabbit

sunday, july 2 , 2006

After church, we went to bloomingdales to look at their SALES. There wasn't much so we just bought some stuff at Abercrombie then we went home because Eumir and I had a headache. Once we got home, we took a long nap. When we woke up, it was already 6pm. I brought Eulla down to mom so I can wash all her bottles. They went outside and mom called me because Eulla was talking to her new friend outside :)

Can you see the rabbit?

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ortho and a party

It is once again a very hot day. It is in the 100's. We started our day early. As we were getting ready, I left Eulla with Eumir in our room and while I was in the bathroom fixing up, Eumir screamed and I ran to the room. The bathroom is just a few steps away from the room. Eumir told me with excitement that he saw Eulla standing up on her bed on her own. He said he was scared for her that he didn't get to take a picture of her. Too bad I didn't see her.
We left the house around 10am. We went to Panorama city to run some errands then to Porto's to buy some pastries for the party and for the L-O-N-G weekend. Then we went to my ortho at Alhambra. It was such a hot day that after my ortho, we decided to rest a home for awhile before we went to the party. We went to the party around 5pm. Everyone was there to also watch the Pacquiao fight.
Apol's birthday party was fun. Eulla had a lot to eat. She had some Porto's cheese roll for her snack then she had a lot of pancit for dinner. It was the glass noodle kind. She had so much that she only had her juice at around 8pm. After that, she didn't ask for her milk. Eulla saw a lot of dancing lights and she was so amazed. She took her nap on Tita Amelia arms for just a little bit but when I got her, she woke up because everyone was screaming everytime Pacquiao was getting boxed. We ended up going home a little past 10pm. Eulla was so tired that she slept on the way home. She wasn't even bothered when I took her out of her car seat. She woke up the following morning at around 7am. That was the first time she ever went to sleep all though out the night. That was the longest one ever! Let hope it's like that tomorrow :)

Here's everyone watching the fight and after, just posed for pictures

The Dads with their daughters :)
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