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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ortho and a party

It is once again a very hot day. It is in the 100's. We started our day early. As we were getting ready, I left Eulla with Eumir in our room and while I was in the bathroom fixing up, Eumir screamed and I ran to the room. The bathroom is just a few steps away from the room. Eumir told me with excitement that he saw Eulla standing up on her bed on her own. He said he was scared for her that he didn't get to take a picture of her. Too bad I didn't see her.
We left the house around 10am. We went to Panorama city to run some errands then to Porto's to buy some pastries for the party and for the L-O-N-G weekend. Then we went to my ortho at Alhambra. It was such a hot day that after my ortho, we decided to rest a home for awhile before we went to the party. We went to the party around 5pm. Everyone was there to also watch the Pacquiao fight.
Apol's birthday party was fun. Eulla had a lot to eat. She had some Porto's cheese roll for her snack then she had a lot of pancit for dinner. It was the glass noodle kind. She had so much that she only had her juice at around 8pm. After that, she didn't ask for her milk. Eulla saw a lot of dancing lights and she was so amazed. She took her nap on Tita Amelia arms for just a little bit but when I got her, she woke up because everyone was screaming everytime Pacquiao was getting boxed. We ended up going home a little past 10pm. Eulla was so tired that she slept on the way home. She wasn't even bothered when I took her out of her car seat. She woke up the following morning at around 7am. That was the first time she ever went to sleep all though out the night. That was the longest one ever! Let hope it's like that tomorrow :)

Here's everyone watching the fight and after, just posed for pictures

The Dads with their daughters :)
posted by Eubelle at 11:17 PM


awwww! she stood up! Ü does she crawl yet?

4:09 PM  

yup, but she still has not crawled yet. oh, well they say some babies dont go thru that but we'll see :)

6:45 PM  

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