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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

9 Months

Wow! 9 went by fast. Eulla has reached many milestones and its pretty exciting. She can do so many things now and sometimes it get tiring but FUN!
Eulla can now express herself by talking. She says ta..ta..ta when she wants to be noticed or when she wants something. She likes to make conversation by saying dadada or papapa or teh. She associates the song "shake that thing" to her milk. When she hears me or Eumir sing that song to her, she knows that her bottle is coming so she doesn't cry for it anymore. She talks back to the TV when she likes what's on. She LOVES the backyardigan! She can watch her DVD over and over again. She loves Euniqua the best out of all the backyardigans. Maybe because its close to her name and she loves to sing. Basically that all the talking she does. Gives you an idea how talkative she is.
She knows how to say bye with her hands when I raise it up but she sometimes confuses it with "arimunding". She enjoys standing and pulling herself up. She likes to listen to music and claps her hands all the time. She likes to kick her left foot up when she gets really happy or excited. She would rather stand than be carried right now. She enjoys her freedom to crawl - its actually scooting her belly is always in the way :)
She has a security bib. It's a white bib that you can only buy in the Philippines. She can tell the difference between her white bib from other white cloth. She can not sleep with out it. She LOVES to suck her thumb. She gets really excited when I say her Dada is coming. She always SMILE. She hardly cries...only when she's hungry or bored. In short, Eulla is a very happy baby.
We have been blessed with a baby like Eulla. She is our little princess. In 4 days she will be baptized. We hope to see all of you!
And now, since she has 4 upper teeth and 2 teeth at the bottom, I decided to change her rubber toothbrush to the oral B for 4 months to 24 months toothbrush.
Here are some clips with her trying to brush her teeth while watching the backyardigans and then, I finally brushed her teeth for her to finish up.
For people who doesn't know Euniqua, here she is sitting beside Eulla. She is the pink...I really dont know what aminal she is :)
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happy 9 months eulla! Ü hope you enjoy your baptism! Ü

6:03 PM  

thank you!

2:00 PM  

how was the baptism? Ü can't wait to see pics and hear all about it! Ü

5:37 PM  

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