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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A new month

What a way to start August. While Eulla was in her playpen this morning, I saw her sit on her own. She came from a laying position then I just saw her sitting up attempting to stand. I was so happy. Wonder what's next :)

Tita Amelia...just updated it for you! I couldn't get Eulla to smile because she's sleepy already. Here's your new screensaver :)
Lets call Dada...

Hello DADA...can we go out and play?

posted by Eubelle at 11:31 AM


maybe she'll be crawling soon? Ü have fun!

5:26 PM  

it's getting harder to take care of her because she always wants to stand up and hold on to tables, beds or anything that will hold her up.

does maddie really climbs up the stairs now?!?

7:22 PM  

yup! she loooooves it! she gets mad at me when i don't let her. Ü

4:48 AM  

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