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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rest day

After monday, I started to feel really sick. I have a cold and a soar throat. To add to that, I got my monthly visitor early and had really bad cramps. I guess after all the preparations, it finally caught up to me. Eumir ended up going home early from work to take care of Eulla and me. All I did yesterday was sleep, eat and watch the avatar with Eumir and Eulla (DVD's that Eumir bought). Today, I am finally starting to feel better and I am starting to finish up unwrapping all of Eulla's gifts. I also got started on the thank you cards. I hope to send it out by this afternoon.
Eulla is also trying to catch up with her nap. She has been so tired from her baptism :)
posted by Eubelle at 10:18 AM


hope you feel better soon! Ü

11:28 PM  

thank you! i thought you were coming back by the 17th?

11:06 AM  

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