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Monday, August 21, 2006

Room addition

Hayyyy...Monday morning, they started the pounding and breaking of the walls of the house. Mom and Dad decided to add another room to the house. It all started Saturday afternoon. Eulla and I woke up from the pounding of the walls. Music to our ears hehehe :)
Yesterday, we went to the mall and Babies r us to get Eulla's stuff for our San Diego trip this coming weekend and the Hawaiian Day at Malibu beach next month. I finally ordered Eulla's Britax onyx roundabout (convertible car seat) from the internet. It should arrive tomorrow. I also ordered her umbrella stroller in the internet because Babies r us did not have the color we wanted plus all the Peg Perego Pliko Lite was out of stock because it is imported from Italy. I am so excited! We chose from the maclaren to the pliko lite. Eumir and I liked the pliko lite more and looks like Eulla was more comfortable in the Pliko than the Maclaren. Although, the Maclaren was rated #1 with the consumer's report. I guess it was more of comfort for Eulla for us and the easy access of folding and opening it up. I can't wait till it gets here. Hope it is here by our San Diego trip. It said in my email that it should be here in 10 days.
Here is Eumir and Eulla at Build a bear.
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wow! that is exciting! Ü a new car seat and stroller. Ü you're getting the rose colored pliko? Ü

11:54 PM  

nope, i got the rubino so that we can still use it for the next baby...just incase we get lucky and have a baby boy next :)

9:32 AM  

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