Eulla and Eulleah

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

We're moving

Tomorrow, we will start moving our stuff to Northridge. We will be moving all through out the weekend. I won't be able to post anything till we're settled in our new place. We won't have cable and internet till October 5. So, I'll post some stuff next week! Ciao!
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Eulla on the move

Before Eulla got sick, I was able to take pictures of her in the new room addition. Dad and Jun were working on the floors that day and I put Eulla on the floor. Its so hard to take pictures of her now because she moves so much and she doesn't want to look at the camera.

Here's Eulla on the move! Super LIKOT!
Today I brought her to the finished room and again, all she did was crawl, stand, and try to eat little stuff on the floor (even after I mopped it). She's still sick but she doesn't have a fever anymore. Her nose is just running and her cough sounds bad. As usual, she doesn't seem to be affected by it.
(Appointment was at 2:15pm, 09/27/06)
Yesterday her pedia gave her a decongestant (Pedia Care). She said just to give her 0.8ml during the night (sleep time) and 1.6ml of Tylenol. Other than that, all she said was that there was a virus going around.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A cold, cough and fever :(

Eulla started crying at 12am Tuesday. Eumir and I was wondering why. We couldn't find anything wrong with her but right after her bath Tuesday morning, I saw that she had a cold. She was not even affected by it. She still played the whole day and ate really well. Unfortunately, around 5pm Tuesday, I felt her and she had a slight fever. We gave her tylenol and now, her fever ranges from 99 to 101 degrees. I am getting an appointment with her pedia to see what's wrong with Eulla. I'll update you all later. Gotta go!
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Monday, September 25, 2006

My talking baby

Eulla has a couple of words that we all understand now. She knows how to say GO! That means let's go. She also says o' oh when she drops something deliberately. This little girl has so many different words that I'm still figuring out what she's trying to say but she definitely speaks her mind. She always has something to say.

She has also been trying to stand on her own. The longest I've seen her standing is around 3 minutes then she sat down to get her white security bib. Speaking of this white bib, I am in desperate need of this white St. Patricks brand bib. I am hoping my aunt at the Philippines can get me some because out of the dozen we had, I am down to 4 pieces. Eulla cant sleep without it and she likes to smell and feel the texture of it when she's just sitting. I just pray that I can get some soon Booohooo :( So for anyone out there that has some or has an idea where I can get them here in the states please email me or ym me. PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEE!
I'll post some pictures of Eulla after her nap. I haven't taken any.
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Friday, September 22, 2006


Our move has been postponed because they waited for our blinds to come as well as the ceiling fan for the dining room. We will definitely be moving on Friday, September 29. We have finalized all the stuff we need including a really cool infrared trash can. It is so cool. I am so excited to use it. We got it at Costco. All we need is a fridge because I am waiting for the dimension from our landlord but we do have a specific fridge in mind :) Keep you all posted on our move!
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My little girls' play time

Eulla was playing with her new weebles while watching Dora after she took a bath. She got tired of being on the bed that I decided to put her down on the floor and would you believe that she got a hold of my kikay kit. I grabbed my camera and after I took a couple of shots, I quickly took my make-up kit away from her. I know, one day, I will just see my lipstick broken in half or my powder all gone because I used to do the same exact thing when I was little. I remember mom asking why her lipstick were all broken or her high hills being all disalign (like mom like daughter?!?)
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Sippy Cup

Today, I started trying to train Eulla use a sippy cup. I bought 2 kinds (Gerber and Avent) but looks like i'll be buying more of the Avents because she seems to associate it more with her bottle because of the soft spout tip. I have been trying to give her juice in a sippy cup before but this time, I am going to do it more often so that before she turns 1, she'll be using the sippy cup even for her milk. Right now, she would rather drink off of our cup (eumir's or mine) but hopefully she will use her own cup soon.
For lunch, Eulla, Mom, Jun and I ate at The Original Thai BBQ...yummy! I had their ribs, jun had their satte, mom had their famous soup (mom has been on a diet *wink*) and Eulla had their orange rice (I call it orange rice because that's the color of it hehehe). We all had a lot to eat except mom *double wink* hope she loses the weight before their Spain trip.
Eulla at Thai BBQ Restaurant
Eulla...nagpapaCUTE :)
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Soooo tired!

What can I say, I am poofed! Actually the three of us (Eumir, Eulla and me) are so tired. We are in the process of moving out. We will be going on our own soon. We finally found a condo/apartment that fits the three of us and it is in the neighborhood we wanted plus it is closer to Eumir's work. A 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment that has a washer and dryer hook-ups with lots of storage and parking for the SUV and the car. It is a gated community so we decided that we will try it out.
Anyways, I haven't been blogging because we have been so busy looking for place. Finally, we found one and we've already deposited. We are just waiting for the carpets to be installed and hopefully we will be moving by the 23rd of September.
Back to the tired part...the whole week we have been buying furniture and appliances. It is fun but tiring. We were actually out shopping for stuff Friday night from 6-9pm at Macy's for the Calphalon pots and pans, rice cooker, blender, toaster and a lot more. Saturday from 10am-9:00pm at Homemaker Furnitures, Crates&Barrel, Target, 2 Walmarts. I am sooo tired! Today, we went Bloomingdales to get the iron we've been wanting ever since we went to Bloomingdales and now, we finally got it. We've always looked at house stuff and we'd always say. "when we go on our own, we'll get this...that..." and now, here we are. Oh boy, even Eulla is tired.
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Last night

Last night we went to Ate's house to vist Bernard. We had some bbq's. After dinner, Eulla was crawling everywhere and then she saw the stairs... She must have gone up the stairs at least 5 times the whole night. She cant go up the stairs here at the house becasue it is made out of wood unlike ate's, it is carpeted. She was so tired by the time we got home. She was asleep by 9:30pm. She just woke up at 2am to be moved to our bed and she woke up at 6am to ask for her milk then she went to sleep till 8am.
She went up the stairs from the bottom to the top
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

10 Months

For Eulla's 10th month. We went to Malibu Beach at Westward Beach Road. It's SIKAND's Hawaiian day which is normally celebrated at Malibu. SIKAND is where Eumir works and it was a perfect time to celebrate Eulla's 10th month. The weather was perfect (not to hot, not to cold).
But by the time it was 7:30pm, the Hawaiian dancers were set to dance, it was already breezy so I wrapped Eulla in a big blanket and she was set to watch them.

Eulla also tried out Malibu's sand and at first she did not even want to stand on it but after she tried and felt it she wanted to sit on it and even eat it. She almost ate it good thing I was faster than her :)

Ready to go...

We totally forgot to take a picture during the sunset and we missed it by a few seconds :(

(something was wrong with the date on my cam, it was set up a day late by mistake)

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beautiful eyes

Here are Eulla's picture. This is her latest trick to lure you in her sweetness. Beautiful eyes baby!
These pictures are taken yesterday.
Dr. Farrohi just called me and asked me to go back to her clinic. They need to get another urine sample from Eulla because they found the same bacteria they found in me before I gave birth to her (Group B). Other than that, her all her lab results were normal. I just hope that the strep bacteria they found in her urine sample is not a big deal.
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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Eulla and I with our headbands
Since Eumir's relatives lives in San Diego and Oxnard, we are there a lot. Eulla is finally getting used to her relatives there. She likes to play with her young Aunts and Uncles.
We all spent our afternoon at Oxnard for lunch and then we went to NEX (Navy Exchange) to look at their Labor Day Sale (bought some toys that were on SALE) then it was off to Camarillo Outlet. I wanted to spend some of Eulla's gift cards from GAP and Children's Place there so that I can get a lot of clothes for her. I decided to buy her some stuff for fall and winter already. So I got big sizes from 12-18months. I'll jsut put the receipts aside just incase she gets longer faster.
When we were done at Camarillo, we all went back to Auntie Glo's house to relax and eat our dinner there. Dinner was very yummy and interesting :) I took some'll see why its interesting.

Lobster tails (Yummy!)

Here's the interesting part...can you tell what it is? they call it kekok
We were at Oxnard till 11pm. Eulla only went to sleep in the car on our way home because she enjoyed everyone's company there. She was carried by all her aunts and uncle. Jun-jun who is 7 years ond is the only one who was not able to carry her (he was upset about it).
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Friday, September 01, 2006

Urine Sample

I'm off to Unilab at Northridge to drop off Eulla's urine sample. We had a hard time getting a sample yesterday. Finally, this morning I got a sample just before Eumir left for work :)
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