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Monday, September 25, 2006

My talking baby

Eulla has a couple of words that we all understand now. She knows how to say GO! That means let's go. She also says o' oh when she drops something deliberately. This little girl has so many different words that I'm still figuring out what she's trying to say but she definitely speaks her mind. She always has something to say.

She has also been trying to stand on her own. The longest I've seen her standing is around 3 minutes then she sat down to get her white security bib. Speaking of this white bib, I am in desperate need of this white St. Patricks brand bib. I am hoping my aunt at the Philippines can get me some because out of the dozen we had, I am down to 4 pieces. Eulla cant sleep without it and she likes to smell and feel the texture of it when she's just sitting. I just pray that I can get some soon Booohooo :( So for anyone out there that has some or has an idea where I can get them here in the states please email me or ym me. PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEE!
I'll post some pictures of Eulla after her nap. I haven't taken any.
posted by Eubelle at 11:06 AM


good luck with finding more bibs! Ü too bad jun didn't get you any before he left. =0(

8:42 AM  

jun got me some but it was the wrong kind. eulla would just throw it. she really knows the difference.

9:29 AM  

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