Eulla and Eulleah

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or treat!!!

What a tiring night. Eumir came home from work around 2:30pm. Eulla just woke up from her 2 hour nap. I was sure that she would have all the energy for the night event and she did. Eumir and I almost gave up following her, chasing after her, carrying her and walking with her, holding her one arm as she tugs and pulls us to the direction she wants to go to.
By the time a lot of kids were roaming around the mall around 5:30pm, we decided that it was too tiring to go around with Eulla because she was so curious of everyone around her. We decided to take her to the carousel. She's been looking at this contraption that goes round and round while the animals on it goes up and down...the marry go round! Oh boy, did she enjoy it. The carousel has not even gone around once and she's already tugging on the pole and twitching with excitement. I decided that I will be doing the videoing while Eumir and her are on it. I easily get dizzy, so it wouldn't be a pretty site if I went with her.
Here she is with Dada
After a few turns, she wants to hug Dada already. I'm not sure if she got scared or just tired of it.
After, we went to mom's neighborhood to go trick or treating with Bernard (Eulla's cousin) and . It got too cold that we only went on mom's culdesac. It was around 54 degrees. I would rather that Eulla just had a few minutes of trick or treating than have her catch a cold. There's always a next time. Her cheeks were so cold that after the 10th house, that was it! We waited for mom to get home from work before we dress Eulla into her PJ's. After, we had some arroz caldo and spaghetti.
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Monday, October 30, 2006

Last minute shopping

I cannot believe that I went on a last minute shopping for Eulla! I don't usually do that but with so many upcoming events, I had to. I just bought Eulla's costume this morning. As soon as I gave her bath and gave her breakfast, I got ready and rushed at the SPIRIT Halloween Costume at Chatsworth. They have so many costumes for infants and toddlers that it took me 30 minutes making up my mind which would be a good costume for Eulla. Had to consider many things like...
- would it keep her warm while she walks around mom's neighborhood trick or treating at night (when we go the mall in the afternoon, it doesn't really matter)
- would it fit her well
- will she keep it on and not tug on it
- lastly, will Dada like it
Well, I finally got her a fairy costume with wings! I don't think she'll like the costumes that bundles her well because she hates having a sweater or a jacket on. I also didn't get her the infant costumes that has so many bulging stuff on it because she'll have a hard time walking with it on and I as well will have a hard time carrying her. So therefore...A FAIRY COSTUME it is! TRICK OR TREAT!!!
This picture was taken yesterday at Mom's house
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Matching Pajamas & Reading Time

After I got Eulla ready for bed, I just realized that I had a pajama that's almost like hers. I decided to dress just like her :) Maarte kaming dalawa eh!
By the way, Eulla is walking now. She is way better than 2 days ago. She knows how to balance herself more. She just needs to gain more confidence so that she can walk longer. She likes to sit when she feels like she's had enough of walking.
Here we are trying to read and touch her Fisher Price power touch baby. I don't think it understands me and Eulla very well because we were touching it at the same time. It's hard to read Eulla a bedtime story. She likes to play with everything. This little girl likes to explore everything. Even the texture of the book and how it 's constructed. An engineer in the making?!? hehehe...
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Many things

I have been so busy doing many things. Multi-tasking sure is hard. I'm not going to go in details but I have been a busy bee. I am also having computer problems with our desktop that I have to use the laptop to fix the blog. It's not letting me put in any pictures at all. So therefore, I'm blogging late. Better late than never...
October 25 - Wednesday
Nestle and Max restaurant
Eulla trying to eat the Nestle DIBS
We went to Nestle to get some chocolates for Halloween. Mom has a friend that worked at Nestle, so they were able to get a lot of chocolates for a discounted price. The Nestle building was at Glendale. Since we were at Glendale, we went to Max restaurant to treat the birthday celebrant for lunch...Rosalie!Eulla playing while waiting for the food
After eating rice, Eulla still had her milkHappy Birthday ROSALIE
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Practice Walking

This morning once Eulla woke up, she crawled backwards to get down from our bed and once she felt the ground, she started practicing her walking skills (We kept our bed low by not putting the stands so that somehow, it will be safer for Eulla). Each day, she's getting better and better at walking on her own. The most walking she's done is along our hallway and back. Our hallway is about 10 feet long.
Before lunch, we received a call that Dad just got in a car accident. Eulla and I rushed to Mom's house to meet up with everyone to pick Dad up at West Covina. He is okay, but his brand new Nissan Frontier has a big dent on the right side. The damaged area is the cab and the long bed. We are just thankful that Dad is okay.
All of a sudden, the whole family is complete, from Ate's family, a complete treo of us, Florizel, Martin, Jun and our guest Tita Marivic . Dad decided to take us all out to eat at the new Asia buffet near the house. Eumir, Eulla and I had to go home before anyone else because Eulla didn't complete her afternoon nap and she was sleepy already. She was getting cranky. Too bad, I was not able to take pictures of the whole family.
Anyways, the only thing I accomplished today for Eulla's party are the stickers for her invitations. I hope to send it out by the end of this week. Got to go, Eulla is crying. Time to get her to bed :)
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Monday, October 23, 2006


This afternoon, I had help with Eulla's invitation. I was running out of time to even try it myself. Had to ask someone who knows more than me when it comes to editing. Thanks to Charmaine, the invitations are done! I will just get them printed at Costco and buy stickers for the envelopes at Sanrio.
As for Eulla, she was good last night. She only asked for her milk around 4am but after I gave her bottle, she didn't want to sleep in her own bed. So she ended up sleeping on our bed around 4:30am. From there, she slept till 8:45am. So far I've noticed that once she sleeps besides me and Eumir, she sleeps better it's just that she moves so much. Early morning Eulla would be taking up most of our bed. I asked Eumir if she can just sleep on our bed till her habit of asking for milk in the middle of the night is resolved, and he said yes, we'll try it tonight.
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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Eulla is our little copycat today. She copies everything Eumir and I do. Eumir tried raising his eyebrows and opening his mouth and Eulla copied it. It was so funny. Here's a picture of her copying Eumir. We were laughing at her that she also started laughing the way we were laughing. LOL!
It's a quiet Sunday today. Eumir has to review for his exam so instead of our usual routine, we decided to just eat lunch at home. So that we can still enjoy our Sunday, I ordered food from Thai BBQ and Eumir picked it up around 11:30pm. When Eumir took his break from reviewing, we watched The Avatar that has been recorded in our DVR. It was a pleasant day. Eulla was very hilarious that all our stress went away. She is such a good stress reliever.
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Relaxing day

We decided after all the commotion, we will stay at home to relax and unwind. Eumir and I also planned to have Eulla trained back to sleeping in her own bed and not giving her any milk in the middle of the night. Before her teething started, Eulla was already sleeping straight at night without having to ask for her bottle in the middle of the night but due to uncontrollable circumstances, I had to start giving her milk for 3 straight nights. I guess that made her think that she needs it. According to her pediatrician, starting 7 months, a baby doesn't need their milk in the middle of the night. Before, we trained her by giving her water instead of milk and that made her stop her crave for milk since she doesn't get any at all. But around 6am, I usually give her about 6oz of milk then she goes right back to sleep and wakes up at 8:30am. I guess that's why Eumir and I feel so sleep deprived this past few days. We got so used to sleeping through the night but I am determined to get Eulla back to her routine.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A better day

Eulla is taking her morning nap after her bath. I think she's just about back to her normal routine because she enjoyed her bath so much in the bathtub. I cannot believe how much she cried these past few days. She's never really cried that much, so I know she was not feeling well at all. Eulla must have asked for milk last night every three hours. She is probably making up for the time she didn't drink milk at all. I didn't mind getting up just as long as she was back to drinking her milk.
Today, I officially started getting her birthday stuff off of the internet. I will also be going to the mall with Jun and Tita Marivic to try and get her birthday outfit and get her Hello Kitty theme going. I decided to do a Hello Kitty theme because it's my favorite and when Eulla turns 2 she can start choosing her own theme for her party. For now, its my choice hehehe. (Thank you Charmaine for giving me the idea of following what I want for now) As for the menu, I will be getting it all ready by the end of Sunday. That is my goal. Now, my next assignment is to be able to take a good picture of Eulla for her invitations so I can get them done at Costco before the 27th of October.
At the mall...
I was going to get Eulla her costume today but she didn't want to stay in her stroller. She wants to walk. She can now walk with assist. She likes to hold my hand and just stroll around the mall. I decided to bring her to the new playgound at the mall and she LOVED it. She was screaming, trying to jump, crawl and follow the other kids. I didn't get to look around the mall too much because Eulla and I stayed at the playground.
Eulla was so happy! I was enjoying seeing her have so much fun.
Eumir ended up staying home because we both lack sleep and I think we were stressed out not knowing what was going on with Eulla. After taking a nap with Eulla after lunch, Jun (my brother) called to let us know that they were picking us up to go to Camarillo Outlet. My family loves to shop! Eulla and I went with them while Eumir stayed home to study. Dad ended up buying the stuff I got at GAP because he was right behind me in the line hehehe "thanks DADDY POGI!" Dad cannot resist Eulla and the same goes for Eulla. Eulla loves his gradpa. I guess its because she grew up with him being around all the time starting day one. Again, thanks Dad for the clothes.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sleepless nights

I feel like we are back to when Eulla was just born...Sleepless nights and getting up to comfort her. She has been crying in the wee hours and Eumir and I dont know what's wrong. I am blogging in the middle of the night while Eumir is out looking at a 24 hours Walgreens pharmacy for a hyland's teething table - all natural. It's supposed to be very effective according to a couple of moms who recommended it to us once Eulla starts teething again.

For some reason Eumir and I think that her molars are coming out because of her symptoms.

10 to 14 months
First molars
Double teeth for chewing

Symptom are: Low grade fever, not sleeping well, biting and gnawing, drooling, and irrability.
She definitely has all of the above symptoms. I just hope that she feels better soon so that she can have a good night's rest. She is also not drinking her milk as much as she does so I hope she'll be back to normal soon.
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Cold Weather

Hayyyy, my baby is sick. She woke up early morning around 1:30am with a 100 degrees fever :( She doesn't have a cold nor a cough. She just got hot all of a sudden. It was cold when we went to the party and I am wondering if she got sick from it. Well, everyone is telling me that maybe its just a growth spurt. They said when a baby's birthday is approaching that's when it takes place. I hope its nothing serious. I talked to her pediatrician early morning and she said to give her 1.6 tylenol and to observe her then if I feel comfortable, I can bring her tomorrow to Northridge Hospital.
As for Eulla's upcoming birthday, I am already preparing for it. All the necessary reservations for the table and chairs, jumper and cotton candy had been made. The caterer is also all set, I spoke to the owner already. I am just waiting on a good picture of Eulla so I can put it on the invitations. I'll see you all soon on her birthday!
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Love Sack and Winter clothes

Eumir, Eulla and I went to the mall today to get specific stuff. We decided that we will be in and out of the mall as quick as we can because Eumir's free time are precious. He is still reviewing for his up coming exam. So, we got Eulla some winter clothes at GAP and the Children's place and we got our Love Sack! The last piece to make our place our home sweet home.
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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Surprise Anniversary Party

We went to a surprise anniversary party for Tito Val and Tita Amelia hosted by Tita Bing at Sun Valley today. Eumir just dropped us off to Mom's house because he still needs to study for his exam this coming October 28 (That was the master plan). Although, once we got to Mom's house, Eumir ended up driving us to Granada Hills to buy a gift for the celebrants and pick up food at Manila Sunset (Thank you LOVE!)
(Bernie, Tita Edsel with Eulla, Ate-7 months pregnant, Tita Bing and Mom)

We got to Sun Valley around 5PM. Eulla was so happy to see Bernie and Olivia that even if it was her nap time, she didn't bother sleeping. She ate all sorts of filipino food there. I gave her a little of everything like rice, beef steak, and chicken apritada and for dessert, her favorite mango cake of red ribbon (like parents like daughter...we LOVE mango cake!) It got too cold for us to stay outside so we still went back in to just warm up but she started getting antsy so I asked Florizel to take us home already. Ate, Bernie, Eulla and I just rode with her so we all ended up going home at around 7PM.

Tita Amelia and Rosalie (This is all I can do for your desktop, her head got cut off the picture)

And once again...

Tito Val and Tita Amelia Happy 20th Anniversary!!! We love you!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lakwacha again

Eulla and I left early morning to start our day of lackwacha with Mom and the rest of the gang. Once we got to mom house, we saw Jun walking the dogs or more like running the dogs. Eulla got excited and wanted to get out of her carseat. As soon as we got in Mom's house, we knew that we will have a long day of lakwacha. So I brought at least 4 bottles for Eulla.
First, we went to the DMV at New Hall because Tita Marivic was scheduled to take her written exam. She passed with only 2 mistakes! Galing! Then, we went to go shopping for Mom's dining table. Which took a long time because there were 4 of us trying to have Mom buy what we thought was nice. (Jun won. Too expensive for me if you ask, but very nice. Oh well, good for Eulla's up coming birthday celebration, which will be held at Mom's place hehehe) Then we went shopping at TJ Max which was fun because we got so many branded clothes that were a good bargain. Of course, I couldn't stop myself, I bought some stuff for Eulla and only Eulla. (Eumir my LOVE, I know what your thinking...I'll explain later bwahahaha!) After shopping, we didn't realize that it was dinner time already. Since we were still in the city of Santa Clarita, we ate at Rattlers mmmmmmmmmmm GOOD!
Eulla having their garlic bread
The combination plate consisted of baked potatoes with sour cream, baby back ribs, bbq chicken, boneless chicken breast and a steak
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

To Mom's house!

We went to Mom's house today to visit because Jun picked up the dogs at the LAX airport (PAL) last night. We haven't seen them since I left the Philippines with Eumir. Yup, you read right...Mom and Dad had our dogs from the Philippines sent here. Since Jun is now here, who would take care of the dog there right?!? (Oh JUN, you've got your hands full!) Tita Marivic is also in town from the Philippines so we had to definitely go to Mom's house.

As soon as we got there, we went to a pet warehouse to get some stuff for the dogs. After, we went to Red Ribbon and Isla Grill to get some lunch! Then, we went to All Saints Healthcare work to see Ate, Tita Amelia and Rosalie. Ate wanted to see Eulla badly. Since Eulla was wearing pink, they included her in the picture for the breast cancer awareness (ate, please send me the pics).

We went home to Mom's house to eat the lunch we bought. A very late lunch that is. After eating we decided to just hang around the house. Eulla loved looking and trying to chase after the dogs. She didn't want to take her nap at all. By the way, Mom and Dad decided to get a few stuff for their house. I guess after we left, they wanted to fill up the space we left (hehehe, eulla's stuff filled up most of their livingroom before) and are Jun's and Dad's best friend...their new HDTV and their Apple desktop.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dada took a day off

This morning Dada decided to take a day off from work. Yepeee!!!! Our galivanting started after lunch. We had so many places to go to that we didn't know where to start but we planned it while Eumir was driving. We went to Tampa to get some house stuff but we didn't find anything. Then we went to Topanga Mall. Topanga Mall (Westfield) just had the biggest renovation in town. It has Neiman Marcus, Nordtroms, Macys, Sears, Target and a lot more. So we went from Target to Crates and Barrel. We also had our hot dog on a stick snack and westell pretsel. Eulla loves their bite size pretsel.


We also decided to get Eulla some shoes because she has been trying to walk more and more. Stride Rite has shoes for different stages and after her stage 1 crawling, then stage 2 cruising, we went to stage 3 which is for walking and that supports her ankle and flex grooves to allow for flexibility and natural motion. We got her two sizes. One is a size 4W and the other is 5W. We got "w" for wide because Eulla takes after her Dada. They both have wide feet. The other shoes we got matched her outfit that I made her wear it the whole day.
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Monday, October 09, 2006

11 Months

Eulla is 11 months today. She is getting bigger and prettier everyday hehehe (you know moms, their babies are always the best!). She is now 20 lbs. She still loves to suck her thumb to go to sleep and to let me know that she wants her milk. Eulla has a white lampin that she LOVES to hold on to anytime of the day (its more like her security blanket but a lampin). We call her lampin "PUTI". Eulla says little things now like O' oh or go or wow to appreciate things. She knows how to crawl really well, very fast might I add. She stands up on her own gets back up without any assistance. She likes to try to eat on her own. She likes to brush her teeth. She knows how to clap her hands and if you ask her to "give me five" she'll give you at least ten :) This little girl loves to smile at anyone but very choosy when someone asks her to come to them. She gets really excited when her Dada come home from work.
Today, I saw her walk more than 7 steps towards me with her arms reaching out. After falling on her butt, she got back up and tried walking again. That's the first time she walked more than 2 steps. What a way to start her 11 months!
We will be celebrating her 11 months when Eumir comes home from work but for the mean time, here's my 11 month old baby girl!
Mom and Dad's gift for Eulla.
Thank you Mommy Perla and Daddy Pogi
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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Twins Party

Today we went to the Esteban twins party. They turned 2 years old. They are the twins that lives next door to Mom & Dad's house. Eulla grew up with them, so Eulla knows them well. She usually walks and plays with them late afternoon when we lived near them so we couldn't miss their birthday!
Early morning, around 10am, we went to the mall to get the twins their birthday gift but, we went too early and the mall was not open yet. The twin's party was at 11am at a buffet at Sylmar.
Here's Eumir and Eulla at the mall
We picked up Jun and Dad at their house since the buffet was just a two minute drive from them. We were there at a little before 12pm and stayed till 1pm right after the twins blew their candles. We had to leave early because we are not done buying house stuff.
We went to Valencia to get some stools for the counter and a frame for the fire place. We are just about set, all we are waiting for is the delivery of our couch. After that, we are ready to have visitors :)
Eulla with her goody bag
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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Family Visitors

Today, the whole family came over to eat dinner here. We are not quite done unpacking yet but enough to cook and have the family over. Ate, Vic and Bernard came over and so did Dad, Mom and Jun (Florizel and Martin came over the day before).

Eulla was so excited that she started showing off to the whole family that she can now take two steps forward by herself. She's been trying to walk on her own since we moved here at Northridge. She can stand up by herself, sit again then back to standing position. I got a couple of pictures of her with Bernard standing up on her own. Eulla loves seing Bernard that she kept following him around the house.
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cable and Roadrunner internet!!!

I can't believe how hard it is to live without cable tv and internet. Finally, we have it!!! Time Warner just connected it this evening. This was the earliest time they can connect our cable and oh, we also have digital phone! I will be posting about Eulla tomorrow if time permits. We are still in the process of fixing up and unpacking so see you all soon!
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