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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A better day

Eulla is taking her morning nap after her bath. I think she's just about back to her normal routine because she enjoyed her bath so much in the bathtub. I cannot believe how much she cried these past few days. She's never really cried that much, so I know she was not feeling well at all. Eulla must have asked for milk last night every three hours. She is probably making up for the time she didn't drink milk at all. I didn't mind getting up just as long as she was back to drinking her milk.
Today, I officially started getting her birthday stuff off of the internet. I will also be going to the mall with Jun and Tita Marivic to try and get her birthday outfit and get her Hello Kitty theme going. I decided to do a Hello Kitty theme because it's my favorite and when Eulla turns 2 she can start choosing her own theme for her party. For now, its my choice hehehe. (Thank you Charmaine for giving me the idea of following what I want for now) As for the menu, I will be getting it all ready by the end of Sunday. That is my goal. Now, my next assignment is to be able to take a good picture of Eulla for her invitations so I can get them done at Costco before the 27th of October.
At the mall...
I was going to get Eulla her costume today but she didn't want to stay in her stroller. She wants to walk. She can now walk with assist. She likes to hold my hand and just stroll around the mall. I decided to bring her to the new playgound at the mall and she LOVED it. She was screaming, trying to jump, crawl and follow the other kids. I didn't get to look around the mall too much because Eulla and I stayed at the playground.
Eulla was so happy! I was enjoying seeing her have so much fun.
Eumir ended up staying home because we both lack sleep and I think we were stressed out not knowing what was going on with Eulla. After taking a nap with Eulla after lunch, Jun (my brother) called to let us know that they were picking us up to go to Camarillo Outlet. My family loves to shop! Eulla and I went with them while Eumir stayed home to study. Dad ended up buying the stuff I got at GAP because he was right behind me in the line hehehe "thanks DADDY POGI!" Dad cannot resist Eulla and the same goes for Eulla. Eulla loves his gradpa. I guess its because she grew up with him being around all the time starting day one. Again, thanks Dad for the clothes.
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you're welcome. Ü have fun with all the planning! Ü

hahaha. it starts! Ü now you know why i didn't bother buying another stroller. hehehe. Ü was it just you and eulla? i try to time my outings during maddie's nap time so it's easier. hahaha.

10:36 PM  

i was with jun and my aunt but i told them to go buy the stuff they needed while eulla and i went for a stroll :)

9:09 PM  

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