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Monday, October 16, 2006

Cold Weather

Hayyyy, my baby is sick. She woke up early morning around 1:30am with a 100 degrees fever :( She doesn't have a cold nor a cough. She just got hot all of a sudden. It was cold when we went to the party and I am wondering if she got sick from it. Well, everyone is telling me that maybe its just a growth spurt. They said when a baby's birthday is approaching that's when it takes place. I hope its nothing serious. I talked to her pediatrician early morning and she said to give her 1.6 tylenol and to observe her then if I feel comfortable, I can bring her tomorrow to Northridge Hospital.
As for Eulla's upcoming birthday, I am already preparing for it. All the necessary reservations for the table and chairs, jumper and cotton candy had been made. The caterer is also all set, I spoke to the owner already. I am just waiting on a good picture of Eulla so I can put it on the invitations. I'll see you all soon on her birthday!
posted by Eubelle at 8:35 PM


get well soon eulla! maddie got sick a week or something before her birthday. so may it is true? hmmmmm....

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thanks. i hope its nothing serious.

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