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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dada took a day off

This morning Dada decided to take a day off from work. Yepeee!!!! Our galivanting started after lunch. We had so many places to go to that we didn't know where to start but we planned it while Eumir was driving. We went to Tampa to get some house stuff but we didn't find anything. Then we went to Topanga Mall. Topanga Mall (Westfield) just had the biggest renovation in town. It has Neiman Marcus, Nordtroms, Macys, Sears, Target and a lot more. So we went from Target to Crates and Barrel. We also had our hot dog on a stick snack and westell pretsel. Eulla loves their bite size pretsel.


We also decided to get Eulla some shoes because she has been trying to walk more and more. Stride Rite has shoes for different stages and after her stage 1 crawling, then stage 2 cruising, we went to stage 3 which is for walking and that supports her ankle and flex grooves to allow for flexibility and natural motion. We got her two sizes. One is a size 4W and the other is 5W. We got "w" for wide because Eulla takes after her Dada. They both have wide feet. The other shoes we got matched her outfit that I made her wear it the whole day.
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wow! Ü nice shoes! Ü i was planning to get maddie stride rite also, but there are sooo many styles that i like. hehehe.

10:39 PM  

thanks! i need to get her a pair of black shoes also but i was also thinking of boots. hay...what to get?!? us moms...really BAD! its not like they know what their wearing right?

10:42 AM  

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