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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lakwacha again

Eulla and I left early morning to start our day of lackwacha with Mom and the rest of the gang. Once we got to mom house, we saw Jun walking the dogs or more like running the dogs. Eulla got excited and wanted to get out of her carseat. As soon as we got in Mom's house, we knew that we will have a long day of lakwacha. So I brought at least 4 bottles for Eulla.
First, we went to the DMV at New Hall because Tita Marivic was scheduled to take her written exam. She passed with only 2 mistakes! Galing! Then, we went to go shopping for Mom's dining table. Which took a long time because there were 4 of us trying to have Mom buy what we thought was nice. (Jun won. Too expensive for me if you ask, but very nice. Oh well, good for Eulla's up coming birthday celebration, which will be held at Mom's place hehehe) Then we went shopping at TJ Max which was fun because we got so many branded clothes that were a good bargain. Of course, I couldn't stop myself, I bought some stuff for Eulla and only Eulla. (Eumir my LOVE, I know what your thinking...I'll explain later bwahahaha!) After shopping, we didn't realize that it was dinner time already. Since we were still in the city of Santa Clarita, we ate at Rattlers mmmmmmmmmmm GOOD!
Eulla having their garlic bread
The combination plate consisted of baked potatoes with sour cream, baby back ribs, bbq chicken, boneless chicken breast and a steak
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