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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Love Sack and Winter clothes

Eumir, Eulla and I went to the mall today to get specific stuff. We decided that we will be in and out of the mall as quick as we can because Eumir's free time are precious. He is still reviewing for his up coming exam. So, we got Eulla some winter clothes at GAP and the Children's place and we got our Love Sack! The last piece to make our place our home sweet home.
posted by Eubelle at 11:43 AM


is it starting to get cold there too? it's sooo cold now in the mornings and at night.

don't forget, eulla will get a lot of clothes during her bday party. you should've waited til after to buy more. Ü

1:57 PM  

yup, getting cold where we live and its only 20 minutes drive away from mom (its not so cold there) i am actually using the heater at night and when i give eulla a bath in the morning.

as for the clothes, she needed them. the people who gave her clothes were for the summer. i had to get store credit for most of them.

3:05 PM  

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